Holiday Cello clips, as promised

Up on the Rooftop

Bach's Minuet #3, again. With 2 major mistakes, it's still better than before.

Holiday Medley. The middle two songs: "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen" and "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful" I played by ear

Second Half

Today I did 64 techniques,
125 pushups and 100 crunches.

I listened to Yo Yo Ma - Inspired by Bach the whole time.
Now I'll shower, record some music on the cello, and volunteer for my favorite political candidate.


Reading or Practice?

Yesterday after work I did nothing constructive.
Today work was much better, and I know I'm behind in my schedule to practice all my techniques, but I still have the urge to sit and read my book or play cello for the rest of my day.
I believe there are several factors to this.
The largest is the weather. There are no flat surfaces where I can easily practice my techniques and forms.
Next factor: I'm reading a wonderful book!
After that I'm just lazy.

I practiced cello for hours and hours on Wednesday. Which brings me to another topic, my vacation:

It was amazing. Completely perfect in every way. I will write a full report later.

As is, since I'm feeling lazy and un-motivated, I will do pushups, crunches, jog, and practice karate.
[edit: it was too dark out for karate, but I did everything else!]


First Cello Recital

January 27th, 1pm.
Madbury Town Hall


I noticed you're all getting tired of these so I thought I'd play naked

OK I'm not actually naked I *AM* wearing a towel

....or am I? =D

If you know the song Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz, you know what I'm going for here:

Otherwise don't even bother =)

I forgot to mention that I started feeling ill on Thursday.
Fortunately, on Thursday I did the kick drill so hard I could barely stand up straight afterwards. Then I walked through form 5 (I was surprised to be standing at all) and RAN form 6. And by RAN I mean I ran it at full speed with full power, 100%
Now, the important thing about this is that I've been short-tempered and aggressive for months, seemingly without reason. However, after Thursday I feel better.
I'm so so glad =)


One Important Question

What would you attempt if you knew that you would not fail?

and, for those who need a good cry: Barber's Adagio for Strings

oh yea, and i worked out:

50 pushups
50 cycling crunches
10 bicep curls, 25lbs per arm
50 squats with 50lbs
biceps again
20 reps, 15lbs per arm: shoulder workout, front and side (arms at full extension)
20 bent over flys, 15lbs per arm
50 misc pushups:
  • 10 one-armed (each arm)
  • 10 diamond
  • 10 knuckle pushups (elbows rubbing your sides. open handed as i have wood floors)
  • 10 standard (I skipped wide-arm pushups because they're too easy)
50 squats w/50lbs
15 bent over rows, 50lbs each side
biceps again
20 tricep extensions, 30lbs
50 side crunches, each side
50 pushups
50 cycling crunches
50 pushups =D

Then I jogged a mile (7:30) walked around a bit, then jogged another 14:20. I got bored of my normal route so I don't know how far I jogged, but it was about 3 miles.

  • 100 squats
  • 200 crunches
  • 200 pushups

I failed to work out Friday and Saturday.

More Cello Vids

Fantasia on Greensleeves part 1
The main (recognizable) section is all in flats. I'll post it eventually.

Bach's Minuete #2
I've loved this piece since I was a kid. And now I can play it!!

Star Wars - Main Theme
I <3 the Force


Still Working Out

Forgot to work out while up in Montreal visiting Hana, though we wrestled and did Kenpo and were anything but 'stationary.'
I'll have a full update about that soon, however, I wanted to post my workout here.

50 pushups
50 cruches (cycling)
50 squats
50 misc pushups:
  • 10 clapping
  • 10 diamonds
  • 10 wide arm
  • 5 one-handed, each side
  • 10 on fists, arms tight to ribs
50 side crunches, each side
quick shoulder workout:
bent-over flys, side, front, rear
50 squats
triceps, biceps.

At that point I had to leave, otherwise I would have done another 50 pushups and crunches. I may go home and do those now, with a bit of jogging, too. This vacation rocks!
Oh, and I'll practice cello, too. I have some vids to post.... but I'm not going to stress about any of it. =)


Rough day

Work was difficult. 20 something new support reps in India means fewer calls for everyone (yay) but more dissapointed callbacks (boo). After work I had to drive down to another building, find the security desk (who puts security in the *middle*? security is a BORDER component!), because I forgot to lock my laptop up (i know it's important, i just forgot) and they stole it. He wanted to give me the "laptop security is important" speech even though I told him I know how important it is, he proceeded to tell me about how I was going to be reported to "senior management." Thanks for that one. You steal my laptop, waste my time to get it, and report me as a huge newb to senior management. I was not happy.

I went home and practiced cello for hours. I had a wretched time with it. I just couldn't hit the notes. It sounded terrible. Even though I received -excellent- news in the mail, I still felt all tense, so I took a break, did 50 elevated pushups on the stairs, 50 crunches, and went to get pizza.

Then I made a little gag reel of my frustrations. It made me laugh =)

Ads poll

Let me start by saying that I hate advertisements. I can't stand TV ads, radio ads, and a majority of internet ads. I remember the thrill of seeing Google Ads, completely text based. It made me happy because they didn't draw my eye away from the content of the page, they didn't distract me. If you know me, you know I'm easily distracted, especially by TV (I realize now that I'm also distracted by sound/music/radio). So seeing Google Ads for the first time brought me great comfort, I was very excited because they're only text. I can glance over them if I wish, but I'm not drawn to them like a moth to a flame, as I am with blinking/flashing/video ads.

So it is with great hesitation that I even consider adding ads to this blog. They would be Google Ads, of course. But this is a poll. Tell me what you think, should I include Ads?


Short Workout

Today after work I practiced cello for nearly an hour, but then had to leave for Kenpo. I still managed to do 50 (slow) pushups and 50 cycling crunches. I still feel gypped, though.

Cello practice was difficult and I didn't feel any solid progress. Though it's late, I'm going to practice more.


workout 2

In creating a new habit, allow no exceptions.

Today I came home and decompressed for an hour, then at 5 I started my workout:

10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.
50 pushups
50 crunches (while cycling legs)
Superman for one minute
(core and leg stretches)
20 reps each:
shoulders: side, front, back (leaning row)
50 misc pushups:
  • 5 one handed, each side
  • 10 regular
  • 10 clapping
  • 10 wide arm
  • 10 diamond
50 side crunches (each side)
cycled legs for one minute, with head elevated.
50 full squats, with 50lbs
20 tricep extensions, 30lbs (both hands at once)
20 reverse flys (for the lats)
20 bent over row, 30lbs (one hand at a time, using the other for support)
10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand
50 full squats, with 50lbs
50 regular pushups (phew!!)
50 crunches, cycling legs
20 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.

Then I stretched.
  • 150 pushups
  • 200 crunches
  • 100 squats
  • and some light arm stuff.

Now, to eat and practice cello.

ps: My goal is endurance--not giant arms--hence higher reps with lower weight. Sure, I could do a lot more reps, but this was 45 minutes as is, and I didn't even get to the techniques today.
Also. I'm not trying to brag. This is part of making a new habit. Telling everyone about it helps because the more people know about your habit, the more people will help you with your goal. Maybe not by encouraging you, but just being there to say "how was your workout?" Nobody wants to say "oh, I didn't work out today." If I didn't tell anyone, nobody would know when I skimp out; so, I tell everyone.


Workout, Practice, and Zack Whitson's Seminars

I finally did it.
After going to the grocery store to pick up milk and cereal, i did:

50 regular pushups
50 crunches (while doing the bicycle with my legs)
30 misc pushups (one handed, wide arm, fists at floating rib level, dimonds)
100 side crunches (50 each side)
20 regular pushups to complete the 100.
50 squats with 50lbs
50 crunches, while bicycling legs
bicycling legs for one minute
superman for one minute
Shoulder workout with weights, side, front, back
25 pushups
... bicepts
25 pushups
I almost thought to go jogging, but my knees are still feeling special.
then I went outside and climbed a tree did 3 pullups and dropped back down. (ack, i need work on this one, or a pullup bar!) I rested for a moment, then climbed the tree again and did another 5 pullups.

I started feeling woozy out in the sun, so I came inside and started drinking poweraid, thinking I was only dehydrated. Then I started typing this post. Very soon I began to feel quite bad indeed. I grabbed a mini-snickers, thinking that I'd over-exerted myself and needed sustenance. It was hard to finish. I asked my friend Hana, international wresting star, what I should do. She quickly diagnosed that I had way too much lactic acid built up and needed to go jogging. I felt like if I got up I would pass out. She added that jumping jacks would be good.
You're crazy Hana, but also completely right.
I jogged a lazy 8:22 mile. Then I walked through all my forms, one after another, just to see where I would end up. I didn't land where I'm supposed to. I'll have to figure out some way to map all the footwork.
Then I ran them again, along with the 8 techniques I need for the upcoming step exam.
Then I ran the 32 techniques with extensions. I have one extension left to learn, and I'll have the whole system. Yay!
I only needed to review 2 techniques. Sure, there's 96 other techniques I didn't run today, and I really need a training partner I can smack around, but I consider today a resounding success =D

Yesterday I did karate all day. My class started at 9am. I taught, relaxed (I listened to Zoe Keating's CD all day), taught more, then got a bite to eat. Before the seminars I ordered a new, plain, black belt and new heavyweight black uniform. They were on sale. I bought one of the studio sweatshirts. Medium. it looked small on me. My aunt took it. It looks perfect on her =)
The first seminar was on stick fighting. Specifically, it was on Zack Whitson's Counterpoint System. We essentially ran the form he created, and he told us all the sets represented in the form. It was insightful, brilliantly composed, and it freeflows into the left side for balance (and, consequently, back into the right side. there is no "end"). He said you've got the tools, now play with it! Once the seminar was over I asked one of the assistants to help me complete the form. I could run about 90% of it, but I was losing the order and the last few moves. Once I had the whole thing I ran it a few times to burn it in, then got ready Mr. Whitson's next seminar:
Advanced Knife Defense.
It was a lock flow with one knife. It was killer, literally, and was packed with useful information. The premise was "if you've run and found yourself cornered; if you must fight, fight like this." My favorite part of this seminar was when he wrapped up the attacker's knife hand and stabbed him without putting a fingerprint on the knife. "I'm sorry officer he stabbed himself!"

When I went home, I practiced the stick form in the rain (without throwing it across the yard!) and then went home and set my gear bag and contents out, then showered them with fabreeze.

Then I passed out.

Now I'm off to visit my aunt and her famous pug Roxy, The Devil Dog. We (my aunt and I, not Roxy) are going to practice her form: Form 5!

Great Weekend!!




I worked this out from memory. I didn't have notes to read.

More on youtube.com/plusran


Point Sparring

Tonight's class was forms then point sparring. My partner caught me in the groin fairly early on. And by 'caught' I mean OW! That happened maybe twice. Then I proceeded to lecture my partner on the defense gaps he left open all the time. I kicked him in the head a bit, but mostly percussed his solar plexus with a barrage of linear and round punches and kicks. At the very end he was holding one of my kicks.
Let me just break away for a moment and let you know that holding a kick is a Very Bad Idea: you leave your head exposed while you occupy one, or *gasp* BOTH, of your hands. Your hands are your only defensive tools. So back to the end. There he was, holding my foot. I gently back-knuckled his head. He didn't drop my foot. I gently back-knuckled again. He didn't drop it. Bad idea.
Remember the scene in Snatch where the big lug throws an over-commited punch at Brad Pitt and our hero simply side steps and K.O.s the bloke with one heinous punch? This wasn't like that.
I was slowly drifting to my right after two outward back-knuckle strikes that would have shown most the error of their ways. After knocking gently, I broke the door down. I carved a roundhouse punch to the side of the head that planted my partner on all fours on the mat. Now that was a little more than I expected.
My partner is an Army Drill Sargent: tough as they come and not one to hit lightly. He outweighs me by at least 75lbs. Did I mention he hits like a battering ram? He's also the grappling coach. Very good at what he does, I might add. I should also mention that just about everyone else who's ever worked out with him complains about how he Can Not Lighten Up.
We respect each other, though. He hits me, and he knows he's going to get it back.... where it counts =)

We joked in the changing room. "He beat on me! HE beat on me!" He was smiling when he said it.

I didn't expect to drop him the way I did. I was relaxed. I didn't torque up or put a ton power on on the punch.... I was on one leg! I didn't expect to knock him down.


Still alive

First of all, I'm still alive. I'm still teaching and working toward my Third Degree Black Belt.

Second. My aunt (whom i used to call Auntie Ree) received her black belt. I'm so proud of her. It was an emotional day; Auntie Ree worked very very hard for this. After she received her belt from the studio, I asked her if she would accept my first belt. She cried and put it on. she uses that belt now. I told her she should give it to her son when he earns his black belt. I'm so proud of her.

Third. I haven't been working out. It's been hot and very humid. I've been working longer hours which puts me to bed later and so I have a hard time motivating myself to climb out of bed in the morning. I should change up my schedule: maybe workout in the afternoon.

Last. My best friend (read: like a sister) may be moving to San Fransisco. I will have a very hard time with this emotionally, as will she. I know SF is the place for her to be, I know she'll find love and happiness there, in time. I worry about her leaving her support group. We drank a $300 bottle of wine last night. She brought it back from Napa Valley. It was easily, without question, the best wine I've ever had.


Back on track?

I got sick, then got a sunburn, but finally got back to working out in the morning.

Today I did
20 standard pushups,
20 diamond pushups,
20 knuckle pushups (hands by ribs instead of shoulder height)
20 wide arm pushups
20 standard pushups.

50 crunches with legs extended,
100 side crunches (50 each side)

shoulders, triceps and biceps with weights.

Tomorrow I'll do squats and jog (I haven't done that in a while, not since I broke both my goals and then had to ice my knees. Ouch. I plan to buy knee braces.)


Kenpo + iPod = Workout!

One of the other teachers at the studio suggested this method for practicing your techniques.

1. Record each technique name with a few seconds of empty space after it.
2. Store list on iPod, audio CD, whatever.
3. Play on random.

I've recorded 64 of 128 techniques.

The only problem with this is that I end up with 128 non-music tracks in my master library, both on my iPod and on my laptop. At first I tried making an "everything" list, which had everything but the techniques on it. This was a pain to sort through on the iPod, because it was just a list of song names. I couldn't browse by artist or album. Often I couldn't find the song I wanted.
On the laptop, it's easy to just remove them from the master library and import them back in. I can run the sync and remove or replace the techniques very quickly; I may have to wait 1.5 seconds longer for the sync, if that.


Not easy

I did not expect today's run to be easy, however I did not expect my knees to hurt so much after. I needed ice. In spite of this, I managed to get at least close to goal. I had some trouble with the stopwatch function on my iPod, but I did manage to record the last two laps.
When I compare them to Saturday's run:

mile 1: 6:54
mile 2: 7:29
mile 3: 7:46
total: 22:09
mile 1: unknown
mile 2: 7:16
mile 3: 7:43
total: ??:??

It looks like I managed to hold near 22 minutes. Yay!
Afterwards I did my 100 pushups and tried bicycle crunches. I stopped at 60, then I finished the last 40. They were very good but seemed to target the middle 4 abs. I need to focus on the bottom two and the obliques.

Now for dinner and a bowl of ice cream as a reward for the hard work!


New Goal Reached

I can't even believe it. I ran today after work and reached my new goal.

mile 1: 6:48
mile 2: 7:08
mile 3: 7:05
Total: 21:02


New goal 20 minutes. I am not planning on reaching that goal on Wednesday, but I will run.



I reached my goal today!
mile 1: 6:54
mile 2: 7:29
mile 3: 7:46
total: 22:09

I finally took that spare 30 seconds off. I think it may have cost me a sunburn on my shoulders (yes I used sunscreen), though I was aiming to tan my chest and abs.

My new goal is 21 minutes.


2 day break after 12 hour fast

On Wednesday I had blood work done, for my new doctor. That means I needed to fast for 12 hours before going. I did my workout Tuesday morning, had an unfortunate dinner (it didn't reheat well) around 4pm and then worked on techniques until class. By the time class was over, it was past the 12 hour cutoff point. Likely I ended up fasting for about 17 hours. e-gads!
Anyway I did not work out on Wednesday, nor Thursday morning, nor Thursday evening. I did not workout this morning either. However I did workout this afternoon! Yay!

Back on track!


Still on track

100 pushups, 100 crunches, 50 squats (plus 37lbs), 50 pushups, 200 side crunches, 50 diamond pushups. arm workout (increased weight to 15lbs a week ago, brought reps back up to 20 yesterday on everything but the bicep curls, which are up at 22lbs anyway).

200 pushups, 300 crunches. Not a bad day =)


Step Exam

I had my step exam Tuesday night. I practiced and practiced and practiced and I was totally ready when I got there. My techniques were good, but left me exhausted before running my form. Fortunately, everyone had to run their forms first, so I had time to wipe the sweat from my face and catch my breath. I ran that form harder than I've ever run it. I made small fatigue related errors, my targeting was not perfect, my timing was ever so slightly off in a couple of places. Mr. Kimball pulled me aside and said "I couldn't have run that form any better myself" I felt amazing. Mr. Kimball does not give out praise lightly.

I passed with flying colors. I'm totally proud of myself!


Back on track

I've done 100 pushups and 100 crunches every morning this week. I'm on day 6. It takes 21 days to start a habit. That gives me about 2 more weeks.

This morning I ran my 3 miles in 22:38, then did 100 pushups, 100 crunches, pushed weights, then did 200 side crunches and another 50 pushups.

I also just bought a (RED) iPod Nano. It's my new second favorite toy, after my MacBook.

Time to shower and teach!



I haven't posted in a while. Much has changed. I've been fighting inner demons, which has been a tremendous struggle. I cut my hair, which you could tell from the last picture I posted of myself.

This picture is me lifting 30lbs with my triceps. I just ran my 3 miles in 22:19. that's 19 seconds longer than I wanted, however I believe I'm actually running 3 miles now, instead of 2.6 or so.

Now that I've rested a bit, it's time for my pushups, crunches, squats, and weights. I have a new barbell, though I need more weights for it, and I'm still itching for a pull-up bar.


My cat

This is my cat Gizzy. He came into my life 15 years ago as a tiny bat eared chit of a thing.

Gizzy has lost more than half his body weight in the last few months. He's stopped eating. When I pet him he's all bones.

Tonight he sat on my lap all evening.
On Wednesday I'll have to say goodbye forever. I'm going to miss him terribly.


Bread and Water Workout

Today's workout took me out.
I found a stretch of road that is exactly half a mile long near my new place, and ran for 3 miles. After the first mile I went inside and grabbed a hat, coat, and gloves. I can't find my stopwatch (it's packed away someplace) so I do not know how long it took. I took my time.
50 pushups, 50 crunches, 50 pushups, 50 crunches.
50 squats with weights
100 side crunches.
arm/shoulder workout
I had planned to add another 50 pushups and crunches, however I did not have much for dinner last night so the granola bar and glass of water I started the day with couldn't hold up. I know when my body has had enough. I'm going to shower, shave, eat a huge portion of pasta and meaty red sauce, go buy a sub to go, pick up my car with it's new windshield, try to aquire some new rainx wipers, then go to work.
Double time and a half plus 8% for working second shift!


Wind and traffic

If I'm going to reach my goal of 3 miles in 20 minutes, I'm going to have to stop running along Elm street.
Today I ran 22m05s in high wind and rush hour traffic. Then:
50 pushups
50 crunches
50 pushups
50 crunches
50 squats with 30lbs
100 oblique crunches
Arm/Shoulder workout
50 pushups
Then I rushed off to see my cousin's first cello recital.



3 miles in 22m41s is not bad for no jogging in weeks.
50 pushups
50 crunches
50 squats with 30lbs
Shoulder workout including front and back butterflies.
25 pushups
100 side crunches
25 pushups.

Finally healthy again!


Sick again

On Monday I was sick again. I worked for 2 hours then went home and slept the rest of the day.

Tonight's workout was excellent. My stomach and my head hurt all day, until I had a sandwich and glass of water around 5. I'm really hoping I've kicked this sickness.



100 pushups
100 crunches
Not enough time for the rest of the routine.


Last Technique

Intercepting the Ram is mine, along with 127 of it's closest friends. I own all of the Kenpo techniques.

To complete the set, however, I need 8 extensions (of 32 techniques with extensions).


Sick and Tired

On Wednesday I sparred with some under-rank students. This is excellent experience for the students and I enjoyed doing it. Unfortunately I injured my left leg during one of the bouts. This put a stop to my jogging for a couple of days.

On Saturday I woke up sick. I won't get into detail however it was not until 3pm that I could sip flat ginger ail without my body rejecting it soon after.

Today was my first sick day ever. I've had more applesauce than I ever want to have over the course of 3 days ever again. Tomorrow I'm going to try to visit my lady before she goes to London for vacation. I just finished some plain pasta and milk. I think I can do it. Wish me luck.


3 miles in 21m28s, jog

Another minute off the 3 mile jog. Yesterday I powered through the second half, today through the first half. Then a regular set of pushups, crunches, weights, and squats.

Also, I learned one of my missing techniques last night. I even captured it on video.
All I have left is Intercepting the Ram and Squatting Sacrifice. I'll ask for one tonight.



I had a rough day at work, so I came home and did something about it:

3 miles in 22m33s, 2 minutes faster than last time. My goal is 20 minutes.
50 pushups
50 crunches with feet elevated.
25 pushups (ouch!)
100 oblique crunches (50 each side)
25 pushups (easy)
50 crunches with feet elevated.
Shoulder workout with weights.
50 squats with 30 lbs.

Now for techniques, then class.


Birthday wishes

My birthday is coming up, and here's my wishlist:
(Please note, many of these items are way too expensive)

2 20lb dumbbells.
a pullup bar.

Skate gloves.
Samba longboard from Lush Longboards.
2 Holey trucks, 2 angled spacers, 2 sets of hardware, 4 hard (slide) wheels like these: Lush Cannonball Wheels, size 60mm. Everything but the deck.

A MacBook. Black or White.
Red iPod Nano. (I am buying this for myself though I do not have a computer to use it with, yet)

4 performance summer tires. 4 steel rims for winter tires. (eventually, 4 performance winter tires) Size: 195/50-16
Short throw shifter (and installation)
a jack handle.

1 White heavyweight uniform top, and a full set of Kenpo patches.
Quality bag gloves.

Snowboard boots, coat, gloves. (eventually: snowboard, bindings)
Roof rack.

Plane tickets to visit my family in Oregon.

Again. This is a list of wishes: things I actually wish to buy for myself. However, it does give you a good idea of the things I'm interested in right now.


3 miles

This morning, before my karate class, I ran 3 miles in 24 minutes.
60 pushups
60 crunches (legs out 12" off the floor)
Arm/shoulder workout with weights.

Then I discovered how dehydrated I was, and had water and Gatorade.

Also, I have been writing out my techniques. I am only missing 3 of 128:
Squatting Sacrifice, Detour from Doom, Intercepting the Ram.
I am also missing 8 extensions.


New Workout

30 minute jog
50 pushups
50 crunches
20 rep of each:
10 lb shoulder workouts (front, lateral; reverse butterfly)
15 lb bicept curls
30 lb rear delt raises
another 50 pushups (I had to stop a few times)
Now all I need is a pullup bar.

I plan to work my techniques later in the day.



On Sunday I ran for 20 minutes without stopping. I didn't even get winded. I ended the jog with a 10 second sprint.


Snowball Fight

It does not matter how old you get, you must continue to have fun.

There is a tremendous pile of snow in the parking lot by the school. We played king of the hill and had an epic snowball fight. Fun was had by all.


Jimmy Pedro, World Judo Champion

Sneak peak at the Judo seminar with Jimmy Pedro.



I'm coaching during the promotion tonight. I've been an assistant forever. I'm so excited!


Law of the Fist, Empty Hands Way

Today I learned a ton of things at the New England Chinese Karate Federation (NECKF) teacher's gathering. We had 80 teachers. It was wonderful

Tonight I started reading Musashi's Book of Five Rings. Musashi was Japan's "Sword Saint," the greatest warrior Japan has ever known.

One of the lessons I learned today was a combination of two things I already knew.
1. I am trained to kill
2. Killing is a traumatic experience
Put these two together and I'm left with the realization that I need to train in a warrior's philosophy; should I ever use my art and kill someone I will be unprepared. Hence the book.



Friday is my last day as a contractor for Veritude. On Monday I'll receive a new badge and start as a Full Time Employee (FTE) at Fidelity. I couldn't be more excited. Benefits, 401K, health care, paid vacation, paid sick days, and a raise. Yes!!


5 boards

Breaking 5 boards
I haven't broken boards in years. This is 5 boards with no spacers.


Dance Across the CitiWang

Dance Across the City was amazing. Most notable classes were...
  • OrigiNation Showcase. It was hip hop, it was excellent.
  • Argentine Tango by Moreno Tango. I was only able to watch this class, yet I learned so much!
  • Hip Hop by Static Noyze. Fantastic! I loved it. I'm sorry it was only an hour. If I lived in Boston I would look these people up and go to regular classes, I loved it.
  • Argentine Tango by Tango Society of Boston. Yes, more tango. This one taught by our friend Uche. Again, learned so much.
I had an amazing weekend. Did I mention this whole ordeal was free?


iTALK Apple Cell Phone

"Spec commercial for a new cell phone from Apple by award winning filmmaker Christopher DeSantis with design by Gregory DeSantis."

Very cool commercial, and some of my new favorite music, Zero 7 - In The Waiting line


Pushups and the New Year

I did some pushups today at Karate. Open handed. It hurt but it didn't feel damaging. I even punched the bag. Again, dull pain but not damaging (I'll know for certain on that one tomorrow.)

In other news, I went snowboarding at Killington and though the conditions were terrible, I still had a fabulous time. I finally own a snowboard, and though it is shorter and more flexable than I'm used to, I enjoyed it.

Tech Support

Here's what I look like at work, leanin' back 'n takin' calls. Taken from my new Razr phone.

In other news, I had an excellent time snowboarding on Saturday, thanks C___. Happy new year everyone!