workout 2

In creating a new habit, allow no exceptions.

Today I came home and decompressed for an hour, then at 5 I started my workout:

10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.
50 pushups
50 crunches (while cycling legs)
Superman for one minute
(core and leg stretches)
20 reps each:
shoulders: side, front, back (leaning row)
50 misc pushups:
  • 5 one handed, each side
  • 10 regular
  • 10 clapping
  • 10 wide arm
  • 10 diamond
50 side crunches (each side)
cycled legs for one minute, with head elevated.
50 full squats, with 50lbs
20 tricep extensions, 30lbs (both hands at once)
20 reverse flys (for the lats)
20 bent over row, 30lbs (one hand at a time, using the other for support)
10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand
50 full squats, with 50lbs
50 regular pushups (phew!!)
50 crunches, cycling legs
20 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.

Then I stretched.
  • 150 pushups
  • 200 crunches
  • 100 squats
  • and some light arm stuff.

Now, to eat and practice cello.

ps: My goal is endurance--not giant arms--hence higher reps with lower weight. Sure, I could do a lot more reps, but this was 45 minutes as is, and I didn't even get to the techniques today.
Also. I'm not trying to brag. This is part of making a new habit. Telling everyone about it helps because the more people know about your habit, the more people will help you with your goal. Maybe not by encouraging you, but just being there to say "how was your workout?" Nobody wants to say "oh, I didn't work out today." If I didn't tell anyone, nobody would know when I skimp out; so, I tell everyone.


Jeanne said...

Mr Karate, You are my hero. I admire you more than you know. You have a tenacity about you a don't give up attitude. Do you know how many people sit on their butts and do nothing. Your dedication is a marvel to behold. I am so proud of you I could just scream. "Paul is wonderful", and you are.
You very own Memere

Mr. Karate said...

awwwwwwwww thanks memere!!
i love you too
*big hugs*