Rough day

Work was difficult. 20 something new support reps in India means fewer calls for everyone (yay) but more dissapointed callbacks (boo). After work I had to drive down to another building, find the security desk (who puts security in the *middle*? security is a BORDER component!), because I forgot to lock my laptop up (i know it's important, i just forgot) and they stole it. He wanted to give me the "laptop security is important" speech even though I told him I know how important it is, he proceeded to tell me about how I was going to be reported to "senior management." Thanks for that one. You steal my laptop, waste my time to get it, and report me as a huge newb to senior management. I was not happy.

I went home and practiced cello for hours. I had a wretched time with it. I just couldn't hit the notes. It sounded terrible. Even though I received -excellent- news in the mail, I still felt all tense, so I took a break, did 50 elevated pushups on the stairs, 50 crunches, and went to get pizza.

Then I made a little gag reel of my frustrations. It made me laugh =)

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DK & The Fluffies said...

Pizza always saves a crappy day. Hmmm... I think I need to go get a slice of cheese.