[-] 100 pushups without stopping, every day [on hold, injury]
[X] 100 crunches without stopping, every day
[-] One hour of Kenpo every day
[-] Instructor's Certificate (beginner)
[-] Live closer to Boston
[-] Third Degree Black Belt in one year's time
[-] Masters in Math or Art (maybe both?)

I spoke with my instructor last night and again this morning. I have to pass six step exams in order to test for my Third Degree Black Belt. Step exams are held every six months. I have passed one already. I need to pass five more. It will take two and a half years more.



On Sunday I took my longboard to the same old hill and practiced the Coleman Slide. There is a medium sized parking lot at the top, slopped enough to practice this very wide turn. I could almost slide this way on command. I've been sliding, just not the Coleman. I took the hill and got bored.

North Manchester has some beautiful houses and empty streets... and hills. I found one hill that would have killed me, it was long and wide and very rough. I found another nice wide hill, a bit steeper than I was used to, and started practicing my slide. Every 10 feet or so I was sliding to slow down.

Then I went over the edge of a very steep hill and sped up dramatically. I must have been doing 25mph. My board wobbled and I landed on my right elbow, right hip, and left wrist, apparently. I've scraped up my right arm, but that's no big deal. I put a gouge in my leg where my thigh and the pavement destroyed my keys (bent, broke keys; mangled the ring beyond repair), again, no big deal. I walked back to my car, bent my car key back to working (I was lucky) and drove to buy an ice pack.

I'm certain I've sprained my left wrist. I've been wearing a wrist brace. I can still punch but I'm taking it easy in that department. My workout has been suffering. I'll have to look into the gym at work. $20 a month, and I'd still have problems with my wrist. I'm very frustrated about this sprain. I have a step exam in 5 weeks. I won't know what to do if this hasn't healed by then.


Side Note

I was told last night, by one of my teachers, that I could have my Third Degree Black Belt in one year, if I adequatly prepare.

Two years is much more likely, giving me a year with the material to put all the odds and ends together.... Or I could step up and start now.

New England Kenpo Camp

The New England Kenpo Camp was amazing. Mr. Wedlake received his 9th degree Black Belt. Dian Tanaka-Whitson is a sweetheart and amazing teacher. She and her husband Zack Whitson taught an amazing class on close range stick fighting. Mr. White (my teacher) gave a seminar on picking up attacks during a technique, sometimes staying with the same technique and sometimes branching into other techniques. I've seen that one before, but it was still my favorite of the camp. Last, Mr. Wedlake gave a seminar on thesis forms and techniques; this was humbling and inspiring.

I met excellent people and enjoyed my time thoroughly.



Last night's Tango was astonishing. I was in awe once I started watching the people who had more experiance than I did; which is to say, any. I was learning Argentinean Tango, so it was very freeform, and this was not ballroom.

The most difficult parts were (of course) re-learning things I already knew. In Kenpo, you never broadcast your motion. In Tango, you always do. In Kenpo, as a rule, you never stand with both feet together. In Tango you're always standing with your feet together (ok, unless you're moving which should be all the time...). Then there's walking. Let's just say I could walk before I got there, but now I need to practice.

I loved it. I watched, I danced, I lead, I followed, I enjoyed it all. Now I must wait 2 weeks.



Name Changed to Protect the Innocent

As you may have noticed, I've changed the name of this blog. Please do not think I am being pretentious, I'm just removing my name. Mr. Karate was recommended here