Point Sparring

Tonight's class was forms then point sparring. My partner caught me in the groin fairly early on. And by 'caught' I mean OW! That happened maybe twice. Then I proceeded to lecture my partner on the defense gaps he left open all the time. I kicked him in the head a bit, but mostly percussed his solar plexus with a barrage of linear and round punches and kicks. At the very end he was holding one of my kicks.
Let me just break away for a moment and let you know that holding a kick is a Very Bad Idea: you leave your head exposed while you occupy one, or *gasp* BOTH, of your hands. Your hands are your only defensive tools. So back to the end. There he was, holding my foot. I gently back-knuckled his head. He didn't drop my foot. I gently back-knuckled again. He didn't drop it. Bad idea.
Remember the scene in Snatch where the big lug throws an over-commited punch at Brad Pitt and our hero simply side steps and K.O.s the bloke with one heinous punch? This wasn't like that.
I was slowly drifting to my right after two outward back-knuckle strikes that would have shown most the error of their ways. After knocking gently, I broke the door down. I carved a roundhouse punch to the side of the head that planted my partner on all fours on the mat. Now that was a little more than I expected.
My partner is an Army Drill Sargent: tough as they come and not one to hit lightly. He outweighs me by at least 75lbs. Did I mention he hits like a battering ram? He's also the grappling coach. Very good at what he does, I might add. I should also mention that just about everyone else who's ever worked out with him complains about how he Can Not Lighten Up.
We respect each other, though. He hits me, and he knows he's going to get it back.... where it counts =)

We joked in the changing room. "He beat on me! HE beat on me!" He was smiling when he said it.

I didn't expect to drop him the way I did. I was relaxed. I didn't torque up or put a ton power on on the punch.... I was on one leg! I didn't expect to knock him down.

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