my ankles

This is a mirrored image. so the ankle on the right is actually my right ankle. That being said:
My right ankle looks terrible in this pic. Bloody, bruised. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm sure touching it or bumping it would hurt, but walking doesn't hurt.
The left, however, still bothers me. I hypothesize it's sprained in a new and interesting way. I can flex the muscle, tap the bone, and nothing hurts. if i put pressure on the muscle, it hurts. Cycling doesn't hurt, Kenpo doesn't hurt (padded floor), walking hurts at the very end of the stride. and it doesn't look bad at all *shrug* I'll just keep from smacking it on stuff =)

check out my bike blog tomorrow for a big surprise!



Another bruise, this time on my right leg. Fortunately it's not an injury, it's just a bloody gash and 2" square puffy square. I am less worried about this bruise than my left leg, which still bothers me when I walk.

I noticed my left leg does not hurt while I'm at karate. Probably due to the floor being padded.


2k miles

I've put a synopsis of 2000 miles on my bike blog. I need to add a bit to it, and link around a little, but mostly it's done.



No techniques tonight due to injury and it being an hour and a half past my bedtime. Here's hoping my leg is ok.


Phelps is not just a hero for bringing home gold medals, he's also one of those real heroes.


Monday's Ten

Locking Horns, Squeezing the Peach, Retreating Pendulum, Glancing Spear, Defensive Cross, Sleeper, Hooking Wings, Raking Mace, Repeating Mace, Marriage of the Rams.

I very nearly just went to bed after the extra 30 miles I put in after work.


I'll do twenty tomorrow

I have a very good reason for not doing ten techniques tonight.

I rode One Hundred miles today.


Friday's awesome classes, and ten techniques

First: my arms are numb, and shaking. I'm having trouble typing. Class was that good!

I just washed all my sparing gear (eeeeew) and only now have time to run techniques.

Glancing Wing, Securing the Storm, Parting of the Snakes, Dominating Circles, Squatting Sacrifice, Grasping Eagles, Deceptive Panther, Heavenly Ascent, Circles of Protection, Begging Hands.

Tomorrow I'm planning to do 75 miles on my bike. Wish me luck!


Thursday Techniques

Capturing the Storm, *Cross of Death, Destructive Twins, Gift in Return, *Cross of Destruction, Twin Kimono, Broken Ram, Bow of Compulsion, Raining Lance, Twist of Fate

*Starred techniques means I had to look up the technique in my notes to confirm which one it is. I get the three 'cross' techniques confused.


Today's 10

Flashing Wings, Conquering Shield, Charging Ram, Twirling Wings (+extension), Blinding Sacrifice, Obscuring the Storm, Gathering of the Snakes, Clutching Feathers, Brushing the Storm, Wings of Silk.


Practice routine

I've decided I can do at least 10 techniques a day, no matter how busy the day is.

Today I did:
Triggered Salute, Dance of Death, Entangled Wing, Defying the Storm, Circling the Horizon, Escape from Death, Obscure Claws, Rotating Destruction, Ram and the Eagle, and Desperate Falcons.


Sad News

My mom's infant goddaughter, Violette, died today.

I really cannot even begin to imagine how tortured Tracy, Violette's mother, must feel right now.

It would mean a lot to me if you could donate $1 so Violette's godmother can be at the funeral. donate here

Thank you.

A memorial for Violette:

Karate Picnic

Yesterday was a perfect day for the picnic. It was bright and sunny and warm but not too hot. There were plenty of activities going on when I arrived: frisbee, vollyball, catch, baseball, swimming, etc.
My event was Noodle Wars. This is one of my favorite games in the world. You fight with noodles, pretending to cut off limbs, eventually vying for a headshot that ends the duel. You can go straight for a headshot, of course, if you're quick =)
My group was a collection of kids around ten and under. I was fortunate enough to have more volunteers than pairs of noodles, so we could swap out when parents got tired. At first this meant I got to manage the line, which is not quite as boring as you might think. Children allow their excitement to show on their face, it was plain to see everyone was having a good time.
When it was my turn to duel with the kids, I decided to make it entertaining for everyone. The kids loved it. I was being loud and all kinds of dramatic... and letting kids win sometimes. Lose the ego, gain everything. We all had so much fun!
We raffled off a bike and a limo ride to Maine for Sushi and 6 months free at the studio and more.
The last big event was dodgeball, and it was a blast. I was ousted pretty early in every game we played, but that didn't keep me from helping the losing team every once in a while =)

After the festivities ended, I had a bite to eat then went to watch Jeff Dunham with some other students. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

What a day!


Candidate for Black Belt

Jacob (see Kōhai) finally got his candidate belt last week*. You should have seen the look on his face when he officially became a candidate for black belt. I could feel the happiness radiating from him. I'm so proud of you, Jacob, good work!

Tonight, before class, Jacob gave me an envelope with a card in it. I'm touched, I can't wait to hang it at my desk at work. Also, in the card, was a gift certificate to my favorite sushi restaurant! yay teaching for the win!

*He passed his test 5 weeks ago, but the head teacher wanted him to train more before getting the belt.


Moving the bike blog

As you may already know, I'm moving my bike blog to Wordpress. Please check it out and leave comments, I really appreciate it.

Second Degree Black Belt Class

Every week on Friday, at 8pm, is the Second Degree Black Belt Class. It's a difficult time to make because I do not want to cycle home 21 miles in the dark, so I drive. It's my 5th class of the week, and it means some weeks I have to be in Manchester every day.

I have never complained once about going to this class. I love it. Let me tell you why.

But first, I must introduce the studio owner: Mr. White is a 7th degree black belt. He is the Director of the New England Chinese Karate Federation. In addition to all the titles and paper documents, he's a fantastic martial artist who has earned my respect and loyalty. Let me put this in perspective for you. I'm little and fast. He's quite heftier than me and much faster. I like to think I'm good at what I do. Compared to 90% of people, this is true. He's better at what I do by volumes. I respect him for his technical expertise, and because he has always set a good example, instead of just leading with words. He changed my life when he asked me to be a teacher; this put me in a role model position and I benefited profoundly. Thank you, Sir.

That being said, the reasons why I love the class:
Mr. White teaches this class. The head teacher, who teaches the other classes I take, Mr. Mckenzie, also takes this class with me. He is an old friend, and it's an honor to work with him.
The detail is amazing: I improve by how much I work, not by any limit in information.

Last night, we worked on Raining Lance, Thrusting Lance, and Piercing Lance. These are techniques that I teach in the Black Belt Prep. Class, so that should give you an idea of how proficient I am with them. I'm no slouch; but when Mr. White teaches, I am humbled. I learned details I never knew about. I've been a Black Belt for ten years, I've been training for fifteen years. This class makes me so much better.

Time to go practice.