Rough day

Work was difficult. 20 something new support reps in India means fewer calls for everyone (yay) but more dissapointed callbacks (boo). After work I had to drive down to another building, find the security desk (who puts security in the *middle*? security is a BORDER component!), because I forgot to lock my laptop up (i know it's important, i just forgot) and they stole it. He wanted to give me the "laptop security is important" speech even though I told him I know how important it is, he proceeded to tell me about how I was going to be reported to "senior management." Thanks for that one. You steal my laptop, waste my time to get it, and report me as a huge newb to senior management. I was not happy.

I went home and practiced cello for hours. I had a wretched time with it. I just couldn't hit the notes. It sounded terrible. Even though I received -excellent- news in the mail, I still felt all tense, so I took a break, did 50 elevated pushups on the stairs, 50 crunches, and went to get pizza.

Then I made a little gag reel of my frustrations. It made me laugh =)

Ads poll

Let me start by saying that I hate advertisements. I can't stand TV ads, radio ads, and a majority of internet ads. I remember the thrill of seeing Google Ads, completely text based. It made me happy because they didn't draw my eye away from the content of the page, they didn't distract me. If you know me, you know I'm easily distracted, especially by TV (I realize now that I'm also distracted by sound/music/radio). So seeing Google Ads for the first time brought me great comfort, I was very excited because they're only text. I can glance over them if I wish, but I'm not drawn to them like a moth to a flame, as I am with blinking/flashing/video ads.

So it is with great hesitation that I even consider adding ads to this blog. They would be Google Ads, of course. But this is a poll. Tell me what you think, should I include Ads?


Short Workout

Today after work I practiced cello for nearly an hour, but then had to leave for Kenpo. I still managed to do 50 (slow) pushups and 50 cycling crunches. I still feel gypped, though.

Cello practice was difficult and I didn't feel any solid progress. Though it's late, I'm going to practice more.


workout 2

In creating a new habit, allow no exceptions.

Today I came home and decompressed for an hour, then at 5 I started my workout:

10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.
50 pushups
50 crunches (while cycling legs)
Superman for one minute
(core and leg stretches)
20 reps each:
shoulders: side, front, back (leaning row)
50 misc pushups:
  • 5 one handed, each side
  • 10 regular
  • 10 clapping
  • 10 wide arm
  • 10 diamond
50 side crunches (each side)
cycled legs for one minute, with head elevated.
50 full squats, with 50lbs
20 tricep extensions, 30lbs (both hands at once)
20 reverse flys (for the lats)
20 bent over row, 30lbs (one hand at a time, using the other for support)
10 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand
50 full squats, with 50lbs
50 regular pushups (phew!!)
50 crunches, cycling legs
20 bicep curls, 25lbs each hand.

Then I stretched.
  • 150 pushups
  • 200 crunches
  • 100 squats
  • and some light arm stuff.

Now, to eat and practice cello.

ps: My goal is endurance--not giant arms--hence higher reps with lower weight. Sure, I could do a lot more reps, but this was 45 minutes as is, and I didn't even get to the techniques today.
Also. I'm not trying to brag. This is part of making a new habit. Telling everyone about it helps because the more people know about your habit, the more people will help you with your goal. Maybe not by encouraging you, but just being there to say "how was your workout?" Nobody wants to say "oh, I didn't work out today." If I didn't tell anyone, nobody would know when I skimp out; so, I tell everyone.


Workout, Practice, and Zack Whitson's Seminars

I finally did it.
After going to the grocery store to pick up milk and cereal, i did:

50 regular pushups
50 crunches (while doing the bicycle with my legs)
30 misc pushups (one handed, wide arm, fists at floating rib level, dimonds)
100 side crunches (50 each side)
20 regular pushups to complete the 100.
50 squats with 50lbs
50 crunches, while bicycling legs
bicycling legs for one minute
superman for one minute
Shoulder workout with weights, side, front, back
25 pushups
... bicepts
25 pushups
I almost thought to go jogging, but my knees are still feeling special.
then I went outside and climbed a tree did 3 pullups and dropped back down. (ack, i need work on this one, or a pullup bar!) I rested for a moment, then climbed the tree again and did another 5 pullups.

I started feeling woozy out in the sun, so I came inside and started drinking poweraid, thinking I was only dehydrated. Then I started typing this post. Very soon I began to feel quite bad indeed. I grabbed a mini-snickers, thinking that I'd over-exerted myself and needed sustenance. It was hard to finish. I asked my friend Hana, international wresting star, what I should do. She quickly diagnosed that I had way too much lactic acid built up and needed to go jogging. I felt like if I got up I would pass out. She added that jumping jacks would be good.
You're crazy Hana, but also completely right.
I jogged a lazy 8:22 mile. Then I walked through all my forms, one after another, just to see where I would end up. I didn't land where I'm supposed to. I'll have to figure out some way to map all the footwork.
Then I ran them again, along with the 8 techniques I need for the upcoming step exam.
Then I ran the 32 techniques with extensions. I have one extension left to learn, and I'll have the whole system. Yay!
I only needed to review 2 techniques. Sure, there's 96 other techniques I didn't run today, and I really need a training partner I can smack around, but I consider today a resounding success =D

Yesterday I did karate all day. My class started at 9am. I taught, relaxed (I listened to Zoe Keating's CD all day), taught more, then got a bite to eat. Before the seminars I ordered a new, plain, black belt and new heavyweight black uniform. They were on sale. I bought one of the studio sweatshirts. Medium. it looked small on me. My aunt took it. It looks perfect on her =)
The first seminar was on stick fighting. Specifically, it was on Zack Whitson's Counterpoint System. We essentially ran the form he created, and he told us all the sets represented in the form. It was insightful, brilliantly composed, and it freeflows into the left side for balance (and, consequently, back into the right side. there is no "end"). He said you've got the tools, now play with it! Once the seminar was over I asked one of the assistants to help me complete the form. I could run about 90% of it, but I was losing the order and the last few moves. Once I had the whole thing I ran it a few times to burn it in, then got ready Mr. Whitson's next seminar:
Advanced Knife Defense.
It was a lock flow with one knife. It was killer, literally, and was packed with useful information. The premise was "if you've run and found yourself cornered; if you must fight, fight like this." My favorite part of this seminar was when he wrapped up the attacker's knife hand and stabbed him without putting a fingerprint on the knife. "I'm sorry officer he stabbed himself!"

When I went home, I practiced the stick form in the rain (without throwing it across the yard!) and then went home and set my gear bag and contents out, then showered them with fabreeze.

Then I passed out.

Now I'm off to visit my aunt and her famous pug Roxy, The Devil Dog. We (my aunt and I, not Roxy) are going to practice her form: Form 5!

Great Weekend!!




I worked this out from memory. I didn't have notes to read.

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