Kenpo + iPod = Workout!

One of the other teachers at the studio suggested this method for practicing your techniques.

1. Record each technique name with a few seconds of empty space after it.
2. Store list on iPod, audio CD, whatever.
3. Play on random.

I've recorded 64 of 128 techniques.

The only problem with this is that I end up with 128 non-music tracks in my master library, both on my iPod and on my laptop. At first I tried making an "everything" list, which had everything but the techniques on it. This was a pain to sort through on the iPod, because it was just a list of song names. I couldn't browse by artist or album. Often I couldn't find the song I wanted.
On the laptop, it's easy to just remove them from the master library and import them back in. I can run the sync and remove or replace the techniques very quickly; I may have to wait 1.5 seconds longer for the sync, if that.

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