Still Alive

Check out my most recent ride, it was beautiful! I took five minutes off yesterday's time. Wow!

Tonight's techniques:
Reprimanding the Bears, Parting Wings, Menacing Twirl, Repeated Devestation, Circle of Doom, Twist of Fate, Thrusting Wedge, Thrusting Prongs, Reversing Mace, Thrusting Lance.



As you probably know, I had two centuries planned. Well I didn't get to ride the second because of the cold rain. I did ride, but not even a quarter of the planned hundred miles.

As for my 10 techniques a night, I haven't been doing them. I'll just say that I've been tired, and realize this excuse is not good enough.

And thus, my ten:
Thundering Hammers, Scraping Hoof, Snapping Twig, Falling Falcon, Buckling Branch, Crossed Twigs, Encounter with Danger, Flight to Freedom, Gift of Destiny, Unfolding the Dark


Resting up

As I stated previously, I'm giving my body a bit of a break. I'm still cycling to work, but I'm getting more to eat and (trying to) get to bed sooner.

That being said, I rode my second century yesterday(!), and it was fantastic. I have yet to write a full report, however I do have a hilarious update today. Here's an excerpt:

"... I’m going to drop my handlebars by inverting the stem, then add this swanky new 53 tooth cog to my front sprocket. Hopefully the end result will have me gasping for breath sooner, crying for my mommy louder, and collapsing from exhaustion right off the start line. As you may have guessed, I have high expectations. (Parental guidance is suggested for this next image, which may not be suitable for all ages.)"
Please check it out!



My legs still ache from the weekend (and sparring last week. Ow!). It was beautiful, truly, but I need to rest this week to prepare for my NYC century on Sunday. I need carbs, protein, and hugs. And luck.
And more hammergel, cliff bars, and lovin.
Seriously =)