I noticed you're all getting tired of these so I thought I'd play naked

OK I'm not actually naked I *AM* wearing a towel

....or am I? =D

If you know the song Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz, you know what I'm going for here:

Otherwise don't even bother =)

I forgot to mention that I started feeling ill on Thursday.
Fortunately, on Thursday I did the kick drill so hard I could barely stand up straight afterwards. Then I walked through form 5 (I was surprised to be standing at all) and RAN form 6. And by RAN I mean I ran it at full speed with full power, 100%
Now, the important thing about this is that I've been short-tempered and aggressive for months, seemingly without reason. However, after Thursday I feel better.
I'm so so glad =)


DK & The Fluffies said...

So will Millie be linking to this... sounds lovely, by the way.

Mr. Karate said...

ha! I'll have to ask.
and why thank you!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Anybody know why MomBean is climbing into the icebox?