Still alive

First of all, I'm still alive. I'm still teaching and working toward my Third Degree Black Belt.

Second. My aunt (whom i used to call Auntie Ree) received her black belt. I'm so proud of her. It was an emotional day; Auntie Ree worked very very hard for this. After she received her belt from the studio, I asked her if she would accept my first belt. She cried and put it on. she uses that belt now. I told her she should give it to her son when he earns his black belt. I'm so proud of her.

Third. I haven't been working out. It's been hot and very humid. I've been working longer hours which puts me to bed later and so I have a hard time motivating myself to climb out of bed in the morning. I should change up my schedule: maybe workout in the afternoon.

Last. My best friend (read: like a sister) may be moving to San Fransisco. I will have a very hard time with this emotionally, as will she. I know SF is the place for her to be, I know she'll find love and happiness there, in time. I worry about her leaving her support group. We drank a $300 bottle of wine last night. She brought it back from Napa Valley. It was easily, without question, the best wine I've ever had.