One Important Question

What would you attempt if you knew that you would not fail?

and, for those who need a good cry: Barber's Adagio for Strings

oh yea, and i worked out:

50 pushups
50 cycling crunches
10 bicep curls, 25lbs per arm
50 squats with 50lbs
biceps again
20 reps, 15lbs per arm: shoulder workout, front and side (arms at full extension)
20 bent over flys, 15lbs per arm
50 misc pushups:
  • 10 one-armed (each arm)
  • 10 diamond
  • 10 knuckle pushups (elbows rubbing your sides. open handed as i have wood floors)
  • 10 standard (I skipped wide-arm pushups because they're too easy)
50 squats w/50lbs
15 bent over rows, 50lbs each side
biceps again
20 tricep extensions, 30lbs
50 side crunches, each side
50 pushups
50 cycling crunches
50 pushups =D

Then I jogged a mile (7:30) walked around a bit, then jogged another 14:20. I got bored of my normal route so I don't know how far I jogged, but it was about 3 miles.

  • 100 squats
  • 200 crunches
  • 200 pushups

I failed to work out Friday and Saturday.

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