Still Working Out

Forgot to work out while up in Montreal visiting Hana, though we wrestled and did Kenpo and were anything but 'stationary.'
I'll have a full update about that soon, however, I wanted to post my workout here.

50 pushups
50 cruches (cycling)
50 squats
50 misc pushups:
  • 10 clapping
  • 10 diamonds
  • 10 wide arm
  • 5 one-handed, each side
  • 10 on fists, arms tight to ribs
50 side crunches, each side
quick shoulder workout:
bent-over flys, side, front, rear
50 squats
triceps, biceps.

At that point I had to leave, otherwise I would have done another 50 pushups and crunches. I may go home and do those now, with a bit of jogging, too. This vacation rocks!
Oh, and I'll practice cello, too. I have some vids to post.... but I'm not going to stress about any of it. =)

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