The Date

I am so excited! Today is the day we set the date for the third degree test. More later when I actually have a date. Also, I did 64 techniques today.

OK here's the deal: In January I'm starting a 15 week training program set by Mr. White. That puts the actual test day in May. Nostalgia note: I earned my 1st degree black belt on May 2nd, 1998. This couldn't be more perfect. I'm ready for the test, but this will be much appreciated polishing.



Today I worked on my extension techniques, noting the ones that needed the most work.


What Have You Done Today?

Remarkably, someone asked me this question. "What have you done today [to get yourself to 3rd degree black belt]?" Thank you Melanie, I really needed that.

Today I listed the techniques that need the most attention.


Techniques, forms

I did all my forms, but I did them on video, at demonstration speed. Then I took a break and did some Christmas shopping.

Now I'm back and I've just finished filling in the gaps in the top half of the list. Tomorrow I'll finish the bottom half. Now I'm going outside to run my forms hard. Woo!

Form 6

Yes, there is some editing. I went completely off screen so I did part of it over.

Homework: TNT

In preperation for 3rd black I've written three letters on top of my technique list: TNT


Today, I'm running all my forms twice and all my techniques (at least) twice. There isn't a day of the week where I can't put a half-hour down to practice a few techniques. Yes it's hard, but I know I hold everyday routines more strictly than more infrequent ones.

I'd ask for luck, but I don't need luck. I need people to inquire what I've done to reach my goal today.