Not easy

I did not expect today's run to be easy, however I did not expect my knees to hurt so much after. I needed ice. In spite of this, I managed to get at least close to goal. I had some trouble with the stopwatch function on my iPod, but I did manage to record the last two laps.
When I compare them to Saturday's run:

mile 1: 6:54
mile 2: 7:29
mile 3: 7:46
total: 22:09
mile 1: unknown
mile 2: 7:16
mile 3: 7:43
total: ??:??

It looks like I managed to hold near 22 minutes. Yay!
Afterwards I did my 100 pushups and tried bicycle crunches. I stopped at 60, then I finished the last 40. They were very good but seemed to target the middle 4 abs. I need to focus on the bottom two and the obliques.

Now for dinner and a bowl of ice cream as a reward for the hard work!

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