Bread and Water Workout

Today's workout took me out.
I found a stretch of road that is exactly half a mile long near my new place, and ran for 3 miles. After the first mile I went inside and grabbed a hat, coat, and gloves. I can't find my stopwatch (it's packed away someplace) so I do not know how long it took. I took my time.
50 pushups, 50 crunches, 50 pushups, 50 crunches.
50 squats with weights
100 side crunches.
arm/shoulder workout
I had planned to add another 50 pushups and crunches, however I did not have much for dinner last night so the granola bar and glass of water I started the day with couldn't hold up. I know when my body has had enough. I'm going to shower, shave, eat a huge portion of pasta and meaty red sauce, go buy a sub to go, pick up my car with it's new windshield, try to aquire some new rainx wipers, then go to work.
Double time and a half plus 8% for working second shift!

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