Birthday wishes

My birthday is coming up, and here's my wishlist:
(Please note, many of these items are way too expensive)

2 20lb dumbbells.
a pullup bar.

Skate gloves.
Samba longboard from Lush Longboards.
2 Holey trucks, 2 angled spacers, 2 sets of hardware, 4 hard (slide) wheels like these: Lush Cannonball Wheels, size 60mm. Everything but the deck.

A MacBook. Black or White.
Red iPod Nano. (I am buying this for myself though I do not have a computer to use it with, yet)

4 performance summer tires. 4 steel rims for winter tires. (eventually, 4 performance winter tires) Size: 195/50-16
Short throw shifter (and installation)
a jack handle.

1 White heavyweight uniform top, and a full set of Kenpo patches.
Quality bag gloves.

Snowboard boots, coat, gloves. (eventually: snowboard, bindings)
Roof rack.

Plane tickets to visit my family in Oregon.

Again. This is a list of wishes: things I actually wish to buy for myself. However, it does give you a good idea of the things I'm interested in right now.

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Carol said...

That's quite a wish list you've got there...and pretty interesting too...hope you get what you wish..and well for some more resources and ideas you can visit my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!