Proposed Monster Ride

This weekend one of my co-workers is doing a practice run for the MS150 (it's 150 miles across two days), so he has a 68 mile route planned for Sunday.

I hope to join him. Some part of me wants to ride the 20 miles up to Manchester, then do this 68 mile ride, then ride the 20 miles back home. that's 108miles. I am not sure I'm ready for that.

So here's the plan. Drive up to Manchester. Ride 68 miles. Ride 20 miles home. ride to & from work on Monday, ride to work Tuesday, ride to Manchester after work; karate, drive home.

After a brief checkup, I noticed my back tire is flat.

I will replace the tube with a new one, patch the old one and buy another new tube tomorrow, along with some energy bars and gels. I will meditate and get enough rest. Wish me luck.



If you have read anything about hypermiling, you know there are techniques to help improve your gas mileage. I have been driving at or below the speed limit consistently, accelerating slowly, decelerating slowly, using cruise control whenever possible, and generally just not driving fast.

This accomplishes two things.
a) Most importantly: Reduced Stress. I have enough things stressing me out on a daily basis. I do tech support. Holy Stress Batman! Driving slower is one of the biggest factors to help me reduce stress.
b) Saving Money on Gas. Who doesn't need that?

I filled my tank today, and was astonished when I noticed I'd driven 312.7 miles on 9.88 gallons of gas. I usually cannot pull more than 300 miles from a full tank, let alone 10 gallons.
That's 31.6mpg! My car has over 130k miles on it. Very impressive!
Biking to work helps, because I'm not using the car for short distances, so it's all highway miles.


Bike Log, day 37

My ride in was acceptable, given that I realized I'd forgotten my breakfast cereal 2 miles into my ride...

30:27, 8.5mi
40/48F, Odo 735mi
avg 16.7mph, max 26.4mph

The ride home, however, was epic.

19:51(!), 6.5mi
81F, Odo 742mi
avg 19.8mph, max 43.2mph

That max speed was standalone. No drafting, just hard work. Yay!


Bike Log, day 36

I set a new record today, that's right, and I worked hard for it. You can tell. Check out these numbers:

25:14, 6.5mi
50F, Odo 720mi
avg 15.5mph, max 25.2mph

Oh yes, that's right, I've never gone this slow on the road bike before. There may be several factors at work here: not enough to eat last night... not stretching this morning... not having a substantial breakfast... or just a general feeling of laziness. It could be anything!
Let's be honest for a second. I didn't push hard at all. I coasted, pushing just enough to keep a moderate pace, though I never stopped peddling Until the end, where I pushed slightly harder but still at a moderate pace.
This isn't a race, but I'm still setting new records every day! =)

[after work edit]
The ride home was slow, too; I wasn't trying to set any records.

21:03, 6.5mi
75F, Odo 727mi
avg 18.6mph, max 35.0mph

The artists out there may enjoy this site: jenwang.net
And now: a bite to eat, some cello practice, and off to Luke's cello recital!



No biking today, due to getting home after midnight last night, but the weekend was awesome!

I went to the beach with a good friend yesterday. It was extraordinarily windy. The wind made it cold, even out in the sun. I dove in anyway.
Afterwards was Indiana Jones! We both enjoyed the film very much.


Bike Log Weekend: Forty Miles

My goal was 40 miles in one day. I reached that goal.

To Manchester:
1:05:18, 19.1mi
79F, Odo 688mi
avg 17.5mph, max 33.4mph

Back Home
1:08:22, 21.1mi
68F, Odo 714mi
avg 18.5mph, max 39.2mph

Total time: 2h13m40s, 40.2miles, average speed 18mph, maximum speed 39.2mph.

*That max speed was down a very steep hill, toward an intersection. If it had been better lit without potholes and without traffic, I would have a new top speed of fourty-something un-assisted. As is, I'm satisfied with being in one piece, thankyouverymuch.

*Do not eat half a rack of ribs and two bowls of ice cream directly before a 20 mile ride. I can tell you from experience: eat well in advance of a long ride. I was hurting for 18 miles at least.

Now I think a shower is in order. Ta-ta.


Today I'm planning to ride the 20 miles to Manchester, take a long break while visiting family, etc., then ride home. Should be about 42 miles. I'll update when I get back. Wish me luck.


Bike Log, day 35

This morning I kept to the routine. Relax for the first half then push at the end. It certainly feels like I had a good ride.
23:20, 6.5mi
48F, Odo 662mi
avg 16.8mph, max 27.1mph
I just evaluated my record times and added them to my profile on the left. Now I realize 23m to work is not a bad time at all.

Current Cycling records
Best to-work time: 22m44s, average speed 17.2mph
Best home time: 19m28s, average speed 20.1mph
Best long ride: 1h21m27s, 24.7 miles. Average speed 18.2mph

Crazy records
Top speed: 39.5mph (un-aided)
Fastest draft: 42.3mph! (drafting a car downhill)
Best ride: 22m17s, 6.5mi to work! (drafted a dump truck at 30mph on flat ground)

[After work]
The ride home was epic. I flew down the first hill at a new top speed (non-drafting top speed) and though it killed me, though my legs were screaming, I kept my momentum. I win.
19:22(!), 6.5mi
73F, Odo 669mi
avg 20.3mph, max 39.5mph(!)
Once home I did 50 pushups, 50 crunches (cycling legs), some shoulder work with 15lb weights (arms fully extended front and side, 50 lbs for the back of the shoulder) then triceps and biceps. I finished off this workout with a big bowl of ice cream =D
*also, do you like the new theme?


Bike Log, day 34: creative writing

Today's struggle was simply to get out of bed.

A beautiful woman, whom I love dearly, needed my help in banishing the darkness that haunted her. We can never be together, she and I, or so she keeps telling me; but I still love her deeply, regardless. I helped, though it was late and I must wake early. We talked afterwards. Not about inconsequential things, but about important things. We discussed the tragedy of the loss of beauty in our worlds. Our separate worlds. We walk different paths, she tells me. I still have a flicker of hope for us. I know it's foolish, but I refuse to be ashamed of my dreams.

This morning's stats:
23:44, 6.5mi
48F, Odo 649mi
avg 16.5mph, max 27.4mph
I did not give up, I did not succumb to the lazy desire to drive in (or to call in sick and just sleep). That's a win in my book.

[Ride home]
21:54, 6.5mi
61F, Odo 656mi
avg 17.9mph, max 28.8mph
*light rain early on.
I'm going to take a nap.


Bike Log, day 33

I took a nap before my ride, but overslept. I left about 10-15 minutes late, so I took the shortcut and managed to sign in on time.
21:27(!), 6.2mi
50F, Odo 636mi
avg 17.3mph, max 25.1mph
I took a full minute off my previous shortcut time of 22:20 on 4/29. And look at that average speed, 17.3mph. Awesome! Pushed on flat ground and uphill sections, coasted downhill sections.

Last night I covered the black belt prep class for the head teacher. Exciting! Then Mr. White taught our black belt class. It was great! After class ended, he offered to stay and help us with our forms. He gave me some wonderful details on the salutation of form 6, and the first technique of that form. I struggled with his corrections for the rest of the night. Many people seem to think I don't work to be good at karate, that it's a gift or something. That's not true.

Tonight I have to hustle home after work; I'm covering some other classes and need to get there early.

[Night Edit]
I hustled, but I was late anyway, as I had a long call late in my shift that ran over. Regardless, here are my numbers.
20:35, 6.5mi
6?F, Odo 642mi
avg 19.1mph, max 37.2mph
I refilled my water bottle three times yesterday, that's about 70oz of water.


Bike Log, day 32

I was definitely motivated to drive to work this morning, but I had the determination to stay on target. I'm still not sure what's going on with that bruise, but I don't sit on it while riding. Maybe it's just an impact bruise.

23:37, 6.5mi
46F, Odo 623mi
avg 16.6mph, max 26.8mph

Luke's Kung Fu party was great fun. We had pizza, cake, and popcorn. We watched House of Flying Daggers, The Chinese Connection, Legend of the Drunken Master, Kung Fu Hustle, and the beginning of Ong-Bak. We skipped to the fight scenes most of the time, but watched all of Kung Fu Hustle!

[Afterwork edit]
The weather was cool and humid, and I clearly wasn't hydrated enough.

22:11, 6.5mi
68F, Odo 630mi
avg 17.7mph, max 29.7mph
*not hydrated enough

Maybe this isn't so bad since I had to stop for traffice twice, that always adds to my time.

Cool info: Last week I rode 161.3 miles, which at 25mpg is about 6.5 gallons of gas. At $3.679 per gallon that's $23.74 saved. Not to mention an incredible workout, while saving the environment. What would you do with an extra $20 a week?

*Also, added the 4.1 miles to my Odo that I left out on Friday.


Pain in my ****

Butt. Literally.
I must buy a new seat soon. So what if it looks wimpy =P

No riding today, due to said pain. It didn't go away after 3 days of no cycling, which means I have a fairly deep injury... in a very delicate part of my body.

I used the day to do some needed laundry shuffling.


Bike Log, day 31

I forgot to hit the stopwatch =/
so instead I timed the last leg, the big push

8m25s, 2.4mi
48F, Odo 588mi
avg 17.1mph, max 27.5mph

Math says I'm doing a 3.5minute mile! Not bad!
I'm happy about that average speed because I worked for it. It had been 16.0 part of the way in. I had to keep my speed up at 19mph for a mile or so to bring the average up. Fortunately, that was on roughly level ground. I did it!

1:21:27(!), 24.7mi
61F, Odo 613mi
avg 18.2mph, max 31.8mph

I worked hard for that high average speed, and it's more significant given the low max speed. New record for the route, and also I broke 600 miles total. Not a bad day at all =)

At the Karate studio, we worked some throws. I picked up a man who weighs more than 300 pounds. Multiple times.

I have legs of steel =D


Bike Log, day 30

Well I broke 100 miles this week and with a record time, too. In fact, I drafted behind a dump truck to reach 30mph on flat ground. I trailed him for 60-90 seconds or so, despite the smell.

22:17(!), 6.5mi
52F, Odo 560mi
avg 17.6mph, max 30.9mph
*I pushed hard for the last 2.25mi
*I drafted a dump truck!

I'm exceedingly proud of this ride: mostly for beating my best time in, but especially considering I've done more than 100 miles this week. Woohoo!

[Night edit]

1:27:04, 24.7mi
61F, Odo 585mi
avg 17.0mph, max 30.6mph

Tomorrow I'll break 600 miles.


Bike Log, day 29

Chilly ride in this morning!

24:03, 6.5mi
41F, Odo 529mi
avg 16.3mph, max 25.9mph

I'm wicked excited for my 11 year old cousin Luke, he's being promoted to Black Belt tonight. I'm so proud of him; he's worked so hard! I'm glad I get to be there on the mat while he's promoted. His mom and I are both assisting with the promotion tonight. So excited!

[After work edit]

1:22:33(!), 24.7mi
75F(?), Odo 554mi
avg 17.9mph, max 34.6mph
*perfect weather

*Notes: If I keep up this mileage, I'll break 600 miles by Saturday. I've already cycled 98.2 miles this week! Wow! [edit] In retrospect I'm amazed that I managed a 17.9mph across 24 miles. I was FLYING!
Also, I don't actually remember the temperature, other than *perfect*
Possibly it was a bit windy.

Luke got his belt, it was awesome!

And last, the picture of my bruises:
Please note my right temple has a bruise (hard to see here) where I took a glancing elbow shot. Please also note the pride in my smile. I love this stuff!


Bike Log, day 28

False start. Rode back to get my helmet =P

26:20, 7.1mi
50F, Odo 497mi
avg 16.1mph, max 25.2mph
*false start

Very excited to hit 500miles after work today.
More on the weekend soon, my internet is down at home.

[After work edit]

1:31:39, 25.0mi
75F, Odo 523mi
avg 16.3mph, max 36.4mph

It was a good ride. Tomorrow, my cousin Luke gets his black belt. I'm so proud of him!


Bike Log, day 27: Early Monday

Coasted in this morning due to lack of sleep (I needed to be at work early. Departed at 5:30am instead of the usual 6)

24:20, 6.5mi
45F, Odo 484mi
avg 16.0mph, max 27.7mph

Interestingly, that max speed was not on a big hill, I was just pushing hard on a gradual downward slope.

[After work edit]
23:16, 6.5mi
?F, Odo 490mi
avg 16.9mph, max 26.9mph
*high wind

After arriving at home, I took a big nap then practiced cello before passing out for the night.

Wild Weekend

The International Kenpo camp seminars Friday night and all day Saturday were amazing. I'll post more about the camp soon, once my home network starts functioning again.

On Sunday I rode from from Manchester to Nashua. It was an uneventful ride.

1:14:16, 21.2mi
61F, Odo 477mi
avg 17.1mph, max 30.1mph

More later, including a photo of the bruises =)



I took a big nap instead of riding in to work.

For you cycling enthusiasts, here's something to ogle:


Bike Log, day 26

I tried to stay relaxed for the first half of the ride, and only really push at the end. It would seem that this is the recipe for success.

22:44(!), 6.5mi
57F, Odo 449mi
avg 17.2mph, max 25.9mph
*light rain

The rain started at 5am this morning, but had died down by 6 when I left.

[after work edit]
If I ever needed proof that a higher max speed did nothing to improve my ride, this is it.

20:11, 6.4mi
81F, Odo 456mi
avg 19.2mph, max 42.3mph(!)
*perfect weather

an INCREDIBLE max speed of 42.3mph! Amazing!
I started the clock a little late, trying to say hello to someone. I only managed to startle her. =/ Nice work, Romeo.


Double Woops

I thought I'd cycle after work while the sun was still out, then practice cello after dark. I had a good ride, I even saw a co-worker, but then my back tire went flat.

After patching it, I started home. Flat again, slow leak this time. Unfortunately I couldn't find the hole. I walked 1.6 miles home in my bike shoes (not pleasant) and put a second patch right next to the first (third for the tube). Rode to the bike shop, bought a spare tube, bought an awesome new headlight, bought groceries (just peanut butter) and rode home.

I was hoping to put a good 15 miles in, but 3a south (of Nashua) is a terrible road for cycling. Fortunately 3a north (of Nashua) is scenic, smooth, less traveled, and less covered in broken glass.

Also, let me personally recommend a professional massage to all of you. I *loved* it


No alarm... brightness... omgwhattimeisit! 6:38! I'll drive in, I have time to shower, but not breakfast...

My phone (alarm clock) stayed diligently silent this morning, as it was set to silent mode. I didn't want it to go off during my massage yesterday. So it didn't go off... this morning.

I would have loved to ride in this morning, it's 50F. I wouldn't even need a coat! Oh well, I missed it.

I'll take this moment to recap how all the different parts of my life are doing:

Cycling is awesome. My legs feel like they're are made of steel. They look like they're cut from stone. Even my butt changed shape (i would rather it hadn't, actually). I haven't managed to do more than 20 miles, and I'm still a bit fearful to attempt 40. Maybe Sunday, after the -international- Kenpo camp I'll try a round trip to Manchester and back on my bike.
also, I am very tempted to use my stimulus check on bike pedals/shoes and a new jacket. Not tempted enough to forgo registering/inspecting my car first, however. =)

Cello is good, my teacher keeps tempting me with some kind of group practice. Maybe he said "small orchestra", I'm not certain, but anyway it sounds exciting!

Karate is good. More and more I feel competent in my motion. I have more endurance, good partners, etc. I'm wicked excited about the Kenpo camp =D

Work is satisfying, I've been on Pipeline (temporary senior) for several days straight. I feel like my assistance is valued =)

I helped Eve move on Saturday, and L___ move on Sunday. I felt all kinds of helpful! I love helping.

The massage last night was amazing! We could have easily done another hour, as it was Corinne went about 45 minutes over. *love* This was actually a gift from my Memere. Thanks Memere!


Bike Log, day 25

This morning I tried fiddling with the helmet mirror again. It is very difficult to make minor adjustments while riding, which is exactly where you'd want to make them. I'm ready to scrap it. Also, my old headlight doesn't fit the oversized handlebar. Fortunately I have an iridescent jacket, so at least I'm visible.

23:35, 6.5mi
41F, Odo 419mi
avg 16.6mph, max 27.0mph

[after work edit]
The ride home was fantastic. I got a good start and raced all the way home. New Record!

19:14(!), 6.5mi
81F, Odo 426mi
avg 20.3mph, max 32.7mph

I am wicked proud of the average speed, especially considering the low max speed. [edit: hmm, 32.7mph isn't really that low, in retrospect]


Bike Log, day 24

23:07, 6.5mi
39F, Odo 402mi
avg 16.9mph, max 28.8mph
*dense fog

More people need to consider using use their headlights when driving through a heavy fog.

The conditions were perfect, and I raced home.... but forgot to hit the stopwatch.

16:23, 5.4mi
75F, 409mi
avg 19.6mph, max 35.3mph
*perfect weather

Note: at 23mph I bunny-hopped over a pothole. (I couldn't go around it, a car was passing me.)


Bike Log, day 23

This morning I tried to keep my pace even at the beginning, then pushed hard at the end, and managed to finish with a great time!

23:15, 6.5mi
40F, 389mi
avg 16.9mph, max 26.4mph

Ride home:

20:18, 6.5mi
50F, 396mi
avg 19.3mph, max 29.8mph
*light rain

Looks like I'm going to hit 400 miles this weekend! Also, Mom bought me the coolest socks for my birthday. Thanks Mom! =D


Bike Log, day 22

Brrr! First day with clipless pedals. The ride was not as productive as I would have liked. Though I didn't feel like I needed food, and though I was hydrated, I felt winded half way through. Maybe I should have eaten something more substantial.
I also did 25 slow pushups and a good stretch before leaving.

23:50, 6.5mi
28F, Odo 376mi
avg 16.4mph, max 25.7mph

Not bad, but I was hoping for so much more.
A quick stretch after the ride helps my legs, but no amount of twisting or contorting has helped my back today. Hopefully the "Relaxation Room" will have some space for me.

[After work edit]
The Relaxation Room called me back and we scheduled to meet between 5 and 5:30pm on Tuesday next week. I'm excited to go! Mental note: schedule time with a chiropractor.

The ride home was uneventful. no dramatic time decrease. Oh well.

20:58, 6.5mi
55F, Odo 382mi
avg 18.7mph, max 30.1mph

To be honest, I believe the biggest factor in my time is the wind.