Weights are measured each hand.

50 pushups, 50 crunches (cycling legs)
20 reps each:
15lbs side
15lbs front
30lbs triceps (both hands together)
5 supinated grip chin-ups (thumbs toward each other), 5 sternum chin-ups (pinkies toward each other)
25lbs biceps (10 reps)
short breather to update blog, now for more pushups, crunches:
10 one handed pushups (each hand)
20 diamond pushups
20 regular pushups (total: 100 pushups)
75 side crunches (each side; I wasn't feeling the workout at 50, so I kept going. ouch)
20lbs biceps (10 reps)
50lbs bent-over row, 10 reps each hand.
15lbs bent over flys. (10 reps; I need work here..... updated blog then added another 10 reps)

now to cycle to the grocery store for food, then out for a cruise. I'd like to put 20 miles in today, but maybe I should conserve for tomorrow's epic ride I'm planning. I'm planning to do at least 50 miles, but I'm hoping for 80 or more.

[The pics show my shoulder work side and front, and the triceps lift]

*just a healthy reminder, I'm not doing this to get buff or become super strong. I'm not expecting visual results. This is just for endurance.

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