Bike Log, day 63

The alarm clock failed to go off this morning, so I woke up with only 15 minutes to prepare for the ride in. Fortunately, now that I've reduced my ride time so much, I can actually leave 10 minutes late and still sign in on time. Unfortunately I forgot something I really need: a towel. I had to use my shirt (eew).
I powered into the office in the top sprocket. My legs are still slightly tired from yesterday (and with good reason!) but I still made good time.

19:36, 6.5mi
72ºF, Odo 1440mi
avg 19.9mph, max 29.7mph

FYI, if you cycle in the Nashua area and are looking to do some 50-75 mile weekend rides, let me know!

The afternoon ride was unpleasant for two reasons. I do not own waterproof sunglasses, and left my fender at home. Scrunching my eyebrows protected my eyes pretty well but made it difficult to stay positive. And then there's the fender. Having my butt crack sprayed with water for 6.5 miles turns out to be a real downer on my mood.

Other than that I was fine!
19:41, 6.5mi
77ºF, Odo 1446mi
avg 20.0mph, max 28.4mph


Millie said...

Your mother will refrain from making the usual noises about lists, etc.

You are awesome and inspiring.

Stay dry!


Mr. Karate said...

Space was a premium and I was late. Running late still stresses me out.

MommyO63 said...

Think of it not as water dripping down your buttcrack... but as an outdoor bidet.

The Fur Tenors

Princess Purry said...

Thanks for sharing with us about your butt crack. We love to hear about it. NOT! Lol! : )