Bike Log, day 60

This morning I battled more than just the wind. I had a strong desire to stay in bed, but pushed on. There was a mental roadblock to overcome, also. I thought just because it's Monday I'm out of practice I'll have a slower time.
But that's Not True! I cycled both weekend days!
My time shows I didn't let this slow me down:

19:51, 6.5mi
74ºF, Odo 1282mi
avg 19.6mph, max 29.1mph

I broke 20 again! Yay!
Unfortunately I forgot my bike lock at home, so I took the wheels off and stuck it under my desk. If it was just 6 inches shorter I could make invisible.

Quote of the day: Lao-tzu
Limiting is what results in clarity; minimizing is what results in attainment. Therefore when the external is controlled by the center, nothing is neglected. If you can attain the center, then you can govern the external.

After work I tried not to push too hard at the start, instead really working on the hills, and made excellent time!

18:44, 6.5mi
84ºF, Odo 1288
avg 20.8mph, max 32.4mph

*note: oddly, my cyclometer only tracked 5.8 miles and gave me an average speed of 18.5mph. Hopefully this does not indicate some type of failure in the cyclometer and is just a fluke.

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