Bike Log, day 61

It would have been an uneventful morning but for my crazy headlight, which quite suddenly stopped working: it would not turn on. Without stopping the bike I played with the button and the lens and though it would turn on sometimes briefly, it would not stay on. So after arriving at work I opened it up and removed the batteries. There was rust on the electrical connections, which I scraped off with a fingernail. I replaced the batteries, lens, and now it works fine. Yay!

It was cold enough to warrant wearing a shirt on the ride in, I brought the bigger backpack, and I was feeling tired, so I had little expectation for greatness.

20:49, 6.5mi
63ºF, Odo 1295mi
avg 18.7mph, max 29.0mph

Last night after riding home I thought I'd take a nap. Five hours later, at 10pm, I woke up and made dinner. That shows you what kind of weekend I had =)

[after work]
The ride home was similarly slow:

20:01, 6.4mi
90ºF, 1302mi
avg 19.2mph, max 40.6mph

It's not a bad time, in the grand scheme of things, I just felt I should have done better. I just didn't have any energy. Maybe riding during lunch was a bad idea.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the fact is you are very hard on yourself. You are so remarkable you don't even know it. I know so many young men your age who are lazy and have no goals. You on the other hand are so dedicated to excellence you are just amazing. I for one think you are totally wonderful and I am very, very proud of you.
Your very own Memere
ps Paul H. broke his leg on Sunday and I am so sad about it. I feel very bad for him.