Bike Log, day 64

Comedy of errors
This morning was a pain in my bottom. It started when I picked up the fender and it fell apart in my hands. Fortunately, the two pieces snap together at the hinge. After about 5 minutes I got them together again--Backwards. Once I finally managed to wedge them apart I dropped the small piece into the sink, and nearly into the disposal. When I knelt to attach the fender to my bike, I managed to scrape my knee into the top sprocket. At least it's not bleeding. After that I had a dozen or so other negative things happen that I do not care to elaborate on, because I try to stay positive. I will mention this, though: If you're driving in fog, put your headlights on. Not only so you can see, but so other people can see you. Also: SLOW DOWN!

After that I just didn't care about setting any records this morning. I stayed up late reading about bike races and group rides--none of which are anywhere near me--and how 20-25 is the max for group rides. This is the only good news I read last night. Everything else was "on flat rides, big riders fare well in short sprints then draft the rest of the time" (conversely: "Small and lean riders fare well in the hills." That's me, small and lean) and 25 sprinting to 35 and beyond! I'm certain I'll be able to hold a pace of 25mph soon, but I can't imagine sprinting to 35 unless it's downhill or if I'm drafting. Not that this is going to prevent me from competing. I'm no slouch, but I also know I need to improve before I'm going to win any awards. That's fine, I love a challenge. Honestly I'm hoping to get in, get better, then win some money.

22:00, 6.5mi
66ºF, Odo 1453mi
avg 17.7mph, max 28.8mph

Lots of repetition in those numbers... 22, 66, 77, 88. Interesting.

The ride home was beautiful. The air was cool, the sun was warm. I felt euphoric on my way out of the office. I tried keeping relaxed early on then powering at the end but it didn't really work:

19:36, 6.5mi
81ºF, Odo 1459mi
avg 20.0mph, max 27.8mph

Last night, walking to the grocery store, I noticed a tree about a block from my house. Now, I've passed this tree more than twice a day for over a year and never even noticed it before. I'm no photographer, but I can definitely see a beautiful photo here. I was quite surprised when I saw it, and how strikingly beautiful it is, because I usually notice such things.

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