Bike Log, day 58: No Sweat

My goal this morning was to get into the office without sweating. Success!

23:25, 6.5mi
74ºF, Odo 1208mi
avg 16.7mph, max 28.7mph

Not too long ago I was struggling to get to 17mph in the morning. Now I can do it without sweating, literally! Yay improvement!

The ride home was much warmer and I raced a bit at the beginning, so I did sweat.... a little.

22:15, 6.5mi
88ºF, Odo 1215mi
avg 17.6mph, max 30.5mph

Not bad for -no effort-
well.... I did race a car out of work, and won! His car was obviously at peak torque, the whole body shifted as the car surged forward.... slower than me. (the driver was very impressed)

On the other hand, getting out late today was cool because I saw a lady cyclist on the way out. I shouted "Nice to know I'm not the only one!" and she smiled. Since I wasn't wearing much more than spandex over my nether region, I decided stopping to chat would be .... awkward. Hindsight says "you fool! you should have stopped to talk. duh" Probably I was still in the "race home!" mindset, which I only thought my way out of 5 minutes later.

Hmm, time for the evening thunderstorm. Also, since I didn't work out on the bike, it's PUSHUP TIME, no excuses.

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