I'm taking a brief intermission from my bike (my legs thank me) while practicing for my step exam at the karate studio. Mostly this is due to watching Millie in Manchester. So now I'm 20 miles from work and not quite ready to cycle an hour in the morning and an hour at night. I'm certainly not ready to do 25 miles there and back (which would allow me to ride a safer route), that's an hour and a half. While an hour and a half commute doesn't actually sound that bad on a bike, remember I have to be signed in at work, in nice (read: not sweaty) clothes at 7am. Please include 30 min to shower and dress after the ride in you math. That's right, leaving at 5am, pedaling like crazy for 25 miles... morning and night. Do you have time for 3 hours of exercise a DAY?

I would actually try that tomorrow except for the step exam Thursday and Sunday's fifty. Sure I love a challenge, sure I'd love to do that ride, but not this week. One day, I'll do that ride 5 days a week. I'm not trying to be crazy. I'm extending my possible commute distance.

Speaking of crazy, here's an open letter to motorists from Crazy Biker Chick. It's not full of spite as I expected, it's actually a good read. Here's an excerpt:

I ride my bike year-round as my main means of transportation. My bike is not a toy. I don't aspire to be Lance Armstrong*. I'm not too poor to afford a car. I choose a bicycle because its healthier for me, and healthier for the city I live in. I'm not riding in the middle of the lane to slow you down or thwart you. I'm just trying to do the same thing as you - get from point A to point B safely.

Time for bed. I will post some links to other cool cycling blogs tomorrow, if I can find the time.
*she may not want to be Lance, but I do! =)

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