Bike Log, day 53

I knew I wouldn't be breaking any records this morning when I noticed it was 62ºF, which meant I had to wear a shirt. Sure, it was underarmor, but it was still a defeat.

21:04, 6.5mi
64ºF, Odo 1110mi
avg 18.5mph, max 30.1mph

I'm watching that to-work average speed drop slowly.... I was really hoping to cycle in with no shirt today and go for a record. Oh well.

[After work]
Another non-record, but it was still a very good ride home

19:04, 6.5mi
84ºF, Odo 1116mi
avg 20.5mph, max 39.7mph

*39.7mph is -awesome- and certainly a track record for unassisted top speed.
*I passed 1111 miles on my bike today. I almost wanted to stop and hold up a big sign. "1111 miles on my bike, 0 gallons of gas"

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