First ride in a few days

I plan to do another 50 after cello practice, but this morning's 15 was a good refresher. It was hilly to the point of lowest gear (for half a mile. ouch!) Said nightmare hill was not smooth enough nor wide enough nor lit enough to really break out the speed, else I'd have a new record of 50 something mph. I was coasting with intermittent breaking at 33mph.

51:35, 14.6mi
81ºF, 1485mi
avg 17.0mph, max 39.3mph

Now I'm off to cello practice, then maybe a bite to eat before a fifty miler.

It didn't happen, but 6am tomorrow I have a date with a long long ride. yes!


Nena Jello said...

Hello, Mr. Karate,
This is Nena Jello at jellosstories.blogspot.com
I just wanted to say that I saw you playing your cello on Memere's blog. You are very good! I love the song you where playing! Remind me what it was called?
I love you,
PS Hi, PlusOne, make surre to give Memere a big hug and kiss for me when she gets back. Just a little something from me...

Mr. Karate said...

Hi Jello!
I'm not sure which video you mean, I have several on youtube

I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks =)