Bike Log, day 57: Break a twenty?

This morning I was tired and thought I'd take a relaxing, slow ride in. I only had a banana for breakfast; sleep was elusive due to the neighbor's dogs barking at each other all morning; expectations were low.

Once I clipped into the bike, however, everything changed. Suddenly I was keeping to the top sprocket and powering my way up hills to maintain momentum. I was gaining speed on flat sections and even slight uphill sections. When I reached the long gradual uphill section of Rt 3 I knew my time was good.

Heartbreak hill put me in the second sprocket, but I knew that meant defeat unless I kept pushing hard. No relaxing here. No "I'll take this slow." I could feel the desire to rest welling up inside but I did not give in. Nothing but power. I did it, I set a new record! My old time was 20m14s, average speed 19.4mph. Here's the new time:

18:41, 6.5mi
70ºF, Odo 1195mi
avg 21.0mph, max 30.5mph

I saw my time at the end, how close I was, and it drove me on. Phew! What a race!

[After work]
Made excellent time on the way home, too:

18:51, 6.5mi
90ºF, Odo 1202mi
avg 20.8mph, max 31.3mph

I was trying to match 17:59, but instead I matched the morning ride! This slowness was likely due to waiting for traffic. I was only 1mph slower than my record (21.8mph).
1202 miles! Not a bad day at all =)

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