I bike to work

I started a new blog on wordpress. ibiketowork.wordpress.com. I always felt I was misusing my kenpo blog. Now I can refocus both as they should be. This is my Kenpo training log, wordpress is my personal attempt to help change the world.

"I feel that people are panicking about the oil crisis. My goal is to show everyone that there is no reason to fear, that there are alternatives. If more people cycle to work, more people will notice and follow. Eventually cities will be forced to make more bike paths, to beef up their public transportation, to encourage alternative transportation. When people stop using so much oil they can kick the dependency, they can regain control.

I believe I can change the world with a bicycle.

I’ll meet you on the road, the road to a better world."
Here it is, folks. my quest to get America back in shape, to screw the oil companies, and save the world. Wish me luck.

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