I did it.

The hills were preposterous. I nearly made another max speed record on a 3 mile hill. I'm exhausted and so happy! I did it!

3:05:15, 51.8mi
82ºF, Odo 1547mi
avg 16.7mph, max 44.9mph

Here's a map of the route I took. 25 miles out, 25 back.

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First break: 25mi. water
Second break: 41mi pbj + water
Quick stop: 45mi cool off at Glen Lake

I'm glad I took the wrong turn that lead me past Glen Lake (below). Sure it lengthened my ride by nearly 2 miles, but dumping cold water over my head, clearing off all that sweat, was so worth it.

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Here is an elevation map:

Min 253ft, Max 902ft, Ascent: 1512ft

My legs are still killing me from this awesome ride. I might just do the same ride again next week, this was beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, You rode on Goffstown Rd., yea, What a great ride that must of been.
We are having a great time and can't believe tomorrow is our last day. Time flies when you are having fun. Last night I cooked and tonight Peggy is cooking and on Mon. Mark made Mexican Stand ups, yummy.
Miss you and Luke and all of you. Love Your very own Memere