Proposed Monster Ride

This weekend one of my co-workers is doing a practice run for the MS150 (it's 150 miles across two days), so he has a 68 mile route planned for Sunday.

I hope to join him. Some part of me wants to ride the 20 miles up to Manchester, then do this 68 mile ride, then ride the 20 miles back home. that's 108miles. I am not sure I'm ready for that.

So here's the plan. Drive up to Manchester. Ride 68 miles. Ride 20 miles home. ride to & from work on Monday, ride to work Tuesday, ride to Manchester after work; karate, drive home.

After a brief checkup, I noticed my back tire is flat.

I will replace the tube with a new one, patch the old one and buy another new tube tomorrow, along with some energy bars and gels. I will meditate and get enough rest. Wish me luck.

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