Double Woops

I thought I'd cycle after work while the sun was still out, then practice cello after dark. I had a good ride, I even saw a co-worker, but then my back tire went flat.

After patching it, I started home. Flat again, slow leak this time. Unfortunately I couldn't find the hole. I walked 1.6 miles home in my bike shoes (not pleasant) and put a second patch right next to the first (third for the tube). Rode to the bike shop, bought a spare tube, bought an awesome new headlight, bought groceries (just peanut butter) and rode home.

I was hoping to put a good 15 miles in, but 3a south (of Nashua) is a terrible road for cycling. Fortunately 3a north (of Nashua) is scenic, smooth, less traveled, and less covered in broken glass.

Also, let me personally recommend a professional massage to all of you. I *loved* it


DaisyMae Maus said...

Mom doesn't like massages ... even when she has a facial or a mani/pedi ...

The thing that I like best 'bout this post is the peanut butter. Mmmm ... crunchy PB is furry excellent.


Mr. Karate said...

It's for at work. I'll admit my guilty+useful pleasure:

A snickers bar will forgo total starvation by 20 min, tops. but if you cover it in peanut butter first.... HOURS of satisfaction.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm =D