Bike Log, day 33

I took a nap before my ride, but overslept. I left about 10-15 minutes late, so I took the shortcut and managed to sign in on time.
21:27(!), 6.2mi
50F, Odo 636mi
avg 17.3mph, max 25.1mph
I took a full minute off my previous shortcut time of 22:20 on 4/29. And look at that average speed, 17.3mph. Awesome! Pushed on flat ground and uphill sections, coasted downhill sections.

Last night I covered the black belt prep class for the head teacher. Exciting! Then Mr. White taught our black belt class. It was great! After class ended, he offered to stay and help us with our forms. He gave me some wonderful details on the salutation of form 6, and the first technique of that form. I struggled with his corrections for the rest of the night. Many people seem to think I don't work to be good at karate, that it's a gift or something. That's not true.

Tonight I have to hustle home after work; I'm covering some other classes and need to get there early.

[Night Edit]
I hustled, but I was late anyway, as I had a long call late in my shift that ran over. Regardless, here are my numbers.
20:35, 6.5mi
6?F, Odo 642mi
avg 19.1mph, max 37.2mph
I refilled my water bottle three times yesterday, that's about 70oz of water.

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