No alarm... brightness... omgwhattimeisit! 6:38! I'll drive in, I have time to shower, but not breakfast...

My phone (alarm clock) stayed diligently silent this morning, as it was set to silent mode. I didn't want it to go off during my massage yesterday. So it didn't go off... this morning.

I would have loved to ride in this morning, it's 50F. I wouldn't even need a coat! Oh well, I missed it.

I'll take this moment to recap how all the different parts of my life are doing:

Cycling is awesome. My legs feel like they're are made of steel. They look like they're cut from stone. Even my butt changed shape (i would rather it hadn't, actually). I haven't managed to do more than 20 miles, and I'm still a bit fearful to attempt 40. Maybe Sunday, after the -international- Kenpo camp I'll try a round trip to Manchester and back on my bike.
also, I am very tempted to use my stimulus check on bike pedals/shoes and a new jacket. Not tempted enough to forgo registering/inspecting my car first, however. =)

Cello is good, my teacher keeps tempting me with some kind of group practice. Maybe he said "small orchestra", I'm not certain, but anyway it sounds exciting!

Karate is good. More and more I feel competent in my motion. I have more endurance, good partners, etc. I'm wicked excited about the Kenpo camp =D

Work is satisfying, I've been on Pipeline (temporary senior) for several days straight. I feel like my assistance is valued =)

I helped Eve move on Saturday, and L___ move on Sunday. I felt all kinds of helpful! I love helping.

The massage last night was amazing! We could have easily done another hour, as it was Corinne went about 45 minutes over. *love* This was actually a gift from my Memere. Thanks Memere!


Jeanne said...

i LOVE THESE LITTLE UPDATES. I am happy you loved your massage, isn't she wonderful? To me she is a treasure.
Pipeline, wow that is excellent, good for you. I am extremely proud of you. Your very own Memere

DaisyMae Maus said...

What's "pipeline"? I'm furry confused. Is it something to do with gas and oil?

Hmmm ... Perhaps you'll get buns of steel from all of the cycling. Mom has buns of cinnamon.


Mr. Karate said...

cinnamon buns are my favorite!