Bike Log, day 36

I set a new record today, that's right, and I worked hard for it. You can tell. Check out these numbers:

25:14, 6.5mi
50F, Odo 720mi
avg 15.5mph, max 25.2mph

Oh yes, that's right, I've never gone this slow on the road bike before. There may be several factors at work here: not enough to eat last night... not stretching this morning... not having a substantial breakfast... or just a general feeling of laziness. It could be anything!
Let's be honest for a second. I didn't push hard at all. I coasted, pushing just enough to keep a moderate pace, though I never stopped peddling Until the end, where I pushed slightly harder but still at a moderate pace.
This isn't a race, but I'm still setting new records every day! =)

[after work edit]
The ride home was slow, too; I wasn't trying to set any records.

21:03, 6.5mi
75F, Odo 727mi
avg 18.6mph, max 35.0mph

The artists out there may enjoy this site: jenwang.net
And now: a bite to eat, some cello practice, and off to Luke's cello recital!

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DK & The Fluffies said...

Sometimes, you just need to coast...