Bike Log Weekend: Forty Miles

My goal was 40 miles in one day. I reached that goal.

To Manchester:
1:05:18, 19.1mi
79F, Odo 688mi
avg 17.5mph, max 33.4mph

Back Home
1:08:22, 21.1mi
68F, Odo 714mi
avg 18.5mph, max 39.2mph

Total time: 2h13m40s, 40.2miles, average speed 18mph, maximum speed 39.2mph.

*That max speed was down a very steep hill, toward an intersection. If it had been better lit without potholes and without traffic, I would have a new top speed of fourty-something un-assisted. As is, I'm satisfied with being in one piece, thankyouverymuch.

*Do not eat half a rack of ribs and two bowls of ice cream directly before a 20 mile ride. I can tell you from experience: eat well in advance of a long ride. I was hurting for 18 miles at least.

Now I think a shower is in order. Ta-ta.

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DaisyMae Maus said...

Good "learning" about eating too much before a ride ... I once did a 5K walk after eating and was in crampy pain for the whole walk plus the drive home. Argh.

DMM's mom

And forty mph seems REALLY fast!!!