Bike Log, day 35

This morning I kept to the routine. Relax for the first half then push at the end. It certainly feels like I had a good ride.
23:20, 6.5mi
48F, Odo 662mi
avg 16.8mph, max 27.1mph
I just evaluated my record times and added them to my profile on the left. Now I realize 23m to work is not a bad time at all.

Current Cycling records
Best to-work time: 22m44s, average speed 17.2mph
Best home time: 19m28s, average speed 20.1mph
Best long ride: 1h21m27s, 24.7 miles. Average speed 18.2mph

Crazy records
Top speed: 39.5mph (un-aided)
Fastest draft: 42.3mph! (drafting a car downhill)
Best ride: 22m17s, 6.5mi to work! (drafted a dump truck at 30mph on flat ground)

[After work]
The ride home was epic. I flew down the first hill at a new top speed (non-drafting top speed) and though it killed me, though my legs were screaming, I kept my momentum. I win.
19:22(!), 6.5mi
73F, Odo 669mi
avg 20.3mph, max 39.5mph(!)
Once home I did 50 pushups, 50 crunches (cycling legs), some shoulder work with 15lb weights (arms fully extended front and side, 50 lbs for the back of the shoulder) then triceps and biceps. I finished off this workout with a big bowl of ice cream =D
*also, do you like the new theme?

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