Bike Log, day 25

This morning I tried fiddling with the helmet mirror again. It is very difficult to make minor adjustments while riding, which is exactly where you'd want to make them. I'm ready to scrap it. Also, my old headlight doesn't fit the oversized handlebar. Fortunately I have an iridescent jacket, so at least I'm visible.

23:35, 6.5mi
41F, Odo 419mi
avg 16.6mph, max 27.0mph

[after work edit]
The ride home was fantastic. I got a good start and raced all the way home. New Record!

19:14(!), 6.5mi
81F, Odo 426mi
avg 20.3mph, max 32.7mph

I am wicked proud of the average speed, especially considering the low max speed. [edit: hmm, 32.7mph isn't really that low, in retrospect]

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