Monster Ride details

I rode with my co-worker C___ today. Here's the trail map. The weather was perfect. It was not too hot, and a gentle breeze kept us cool but not cold. Perfect.

After that 56 miles, I rode 20 more miles home.

4:58:42, 75.3mi
80-88F, Odo 817mi
avg 15.0mph, max 46.2mph
*perfect weather

As for the average speed, I let C___ set the pace and we ran into hundreds of red lights. We took breaks every 10 miles, including one large break at 30mi

At top speed, I was in top gear and pedaling as fast as possible. My bike is not geared to go much faster than 40, and that's ok with me. Sure, I could roll down a steeper hill faster, but I have no desire to do that, I'd be out of control.

During this ride, a new corvette convertible pulled out next to me. I shouted "wanna race?" and laid some rubber down. They smiled, seemed like nice people. I let them win, of course.

This was an excellent ride, and I can't wait to do it again.

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