Bike Log, day 29

Chilly ride in this morning!

24:03, 6.5mi
41F, Odo 529mi
avg 16.3mph, max 25.9mph

I'm wicked excited for my 11 year old cousin Luke, he's being promoted to Black Belt tonight. I'm so proud of him; he's worked so hard! I'm glad I get to be there on the mat while he's promoted. His mom and I are both assisting with the promotion tonight. So excited!

[After work edit]

1:22:33(!), 24.7mi
75F(?), Odo 554mi
avg 17.9mph, max 34.6mph
*perfect weather

*Notes: If I keep up this mileage, I'll break 600 miles by Saturday. I've already cycled 98.2 miles this week! Wow! [edit] In retrospect I'm amazed that I managed a 17.9mph across 24 miles. I was FLYING!
Also, I don't actually remember the temperature, other than *perfect*
Possibly it was a bit windy.

Luke got his belt, it was awesome!

And last, the picture of my bruises:
Please note my right temple has a bruise (hard to see here) where I took a glancing elbow shot. Please also note the pride in my smile. I love this stuff!

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