Bike Log, day 20: Rainy day Madness

It's raining, a lot. I expected to drive in this morning. 40 minutes before I needed to drive to work, I realized I did not have my keys. No car key, no house key. I would have left on my bike 10 minutes earlier.

I skipped breakfast and suited up in my 'rain gear' which is not exactly water-resistant, but soaks slowly enough, while retaining enough heat to get me into the office without fear of hypothermia or frostbite (or something. it's 48F and raining, wet + wind + cold = serious danger)

I had just a few sips of water, and raced in to work. I beat my best time
by 40 seconds, but it must have been the shortcut I took.

22:20, 6.2mi (shortcut for time)
48F, Odo 345mi
avg 16.7mph, max 26.7mph
moderate/heavy rain

I was very excited about that time, until I remembered the shortcut I took. I do not plan on taking this shortcut every day, in spite of the shortness of the path, as it leads me through a significant amount of dangerous roadway. There is no shoulder at all, if there was it would be ignored anyway. I took a chance today that I will not take tomorrow.

my co-worker J___, today confirmed he has my keys, as he unlocked the door while I carried my bike in after work yesterday. He's driving in to the office to bring them. Thanks again, J___.

Hopefully my gear will have dried before I try to ride home. On that note, my weather gloves worked perfectly.

[after work edit]
Gear was mostly dry, except for the shoes and socks, which are probably still wet. It was not an issue on the ride home, which was mostly dry and not too windy.

21:39, 6.5mi
48F, Odo 352mi
avg 18.2mph, max 36.2mph
windy, wet conditions

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