Bike Log, day 50

On day fifty I took my time, though i still managed a good average speed

22:52, 6.5mi
59F, Odo 1040mi
avg 17.1mph, max 25.6mph

Not bad for such little effort =)

[Ride home. I didn't have time to write this up yesterday, I had to rush to karate. More on that later.]

I powered home, pushing from the start for a record. It started raining partway home, about 4 minutes from home so I tucked my iPod into the rainproof pocket on my camelback, behind my head while riding (I even managed to zip it mostly closed; it was safe and dry, don't worry). The rain started light, but quickly turned into a deluge. The raindrops were large and pelting me. I suppose I should mention that I was only wearing bike shorts and a helmet. Anyway, I was cruising for a good time, but hit traffic at the end. I spent a minute (my cyclometer stops after 5 seconds) waiting by a the lamp post in the pouring rain. My sunglasses were a total obstruction to my vision. Finally there was a break in traffic and I bolted. I pushed as hard as I could, flew to my front door and retreated from the rain. Did I mention the thunder? Regardless, here are the stats:

19:55, 6.5mi
69F, Odo 1046mi
avg 19.7mph, max 37.4mph

Not bad max speed, this and 19:55 would have been a record once.

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