Bike Log, day 43: FAST

AWESOME ride in! I rode in shirtless, with just my small camelbak for water.

20:14(!), 6.5mi
72F, Odo 909mi
avg 19.4mph, max 31.8mph
Previous Best (5/8)

22:44, 6.5mi
57F, Odo 449mi
avg 17.2mph, max 25.9mph

I'm beside myself. Typically I struggle to reach 17mph average speed. This is four minutes faster than last week, and TWO FULL MINUTES faster than when I drafted a dump truck!

It must have been the sushi.

[Ride Home]
I did it: I even beat my ride home time!

18:55, 6.5mi
99F, Odo 915mi
avg 20.8mph, max 35.6mph

WOOHOO!! What a day!

[Last Edit]
After covering at the Karate studio, I left my car at Marie's and rode home. There is much to be said for the amount of bugs I ran into on the way home, but I will only say this: wear eye protection, and keep your mouth closed.
I left my cyclometer here by mistake, however I kept a pretty good eye on the time. I broke another record. and reached my goal

1:00:00, 21.2mi
?F, Odo 936mi
avg 21mph

This beats my previous time by eight minutes! Wow!!

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