Bike Log, day 45

Last night we had a tremendous thunderstorm. The rain broke the heat, so this morning was a comfortable 70F. I stayed up too late, and woke up during the storm; I wore a shirt while riding in. Clearly, shirtless and well rested is the fast way, I'm certain the smaller bag helps, too. Still, this time would have broken records before Monday.

21:43, 6.5mi
70F, Odo 974mi
avg 18.1mph, max 29.0mph

I'm due to break one thousand miles today. 6 more after work, plus 20 after karate puts me right at 1000mi. Woo!!

[After work]
Not a bad time at all!

19:30, 6.5mi
90F, Odo 980mi
avg 20.1mph, max 38.2mph

Tonight I will remember to wear my sunglasses =)

[After Karate]
I forgot my cycling shorts. No padding for 20 miles would hurt too much so i drove home =(
I'll break 1000 miles tomorrow or Friday

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