My, is it hot out today. I tanned outside while writing up some karate techniques (only 5 left to write up, out of 128!) and though I used plenty of sunscreen, had to come inside to keep from burning.

Even with all the windows open and a fan on full blast, it's still sweltering up in my room. I've decided to see if I can manage this summer without an Air Conditioner for two reasons: the electric bill and freon.

So I took cold showers to keep cool. Refreshing!

Anyway, I'm starving so I used this as motivation to work out:
50 pushups, 50 crunches, short freeweight workout for arms/shoulders
100 side crunches (50 a side), 50 pushups.
Having accomplished that goal, I will now go have sushi!

The plan for next week is 100 miles on the bike, 160 in the car. It may turn out to be more like 130 or 150 though. We'll see.

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