Bike Log, day 39

Another 24 minute ride in. At least this one seemed comfortable.

24:19, 6.5mi
57F, Odo 838mi
avg 16.1mph, max 27.7mph

I finally bought the new pedals, Shimano R540, and Body Geometry shoes. The shoes actually fit. So far they are more comfortable and more stiff than my old shoes (this is a good thing). Unfortunately the pedal/shoes cleat seems to be loose, compared to my old cant-twist-if-you-tried pedals. Maybe I just need to tighten the new ones.

After work will be 25 miles to Manchester. Woo!

The ride home was unfortunately unspectacular. It was smooth, except for when I had to step back into my new pedals. they -do not- work like the old ones. I cannot just push down on them. Pushing down on the pedal before a connection is made results in slipping off the pedal and getting punched in the groin by the seat. Usually this is while you are trying to cross an intersection in traffic. Ouch.

1:21:20, 24.7mi
90F, Odo 863mi
avg 18.2mph, max 33.3mph
*hot and humid

Miserable time, due to possible factors: hot + humid = death, 75mile ride on Sunday.
Still, 18.2mph average speed for 24.7 miles is not bad at all. I wonder if I could maintain that speed for 50, 75, 100 miles. Of course, the route being mostly flat helps.
[edit: NEW BEST TIME! I knew the ride felt smooth, I don't know why I never checked against the scoreboard first. This is actually 7 seconds better! Yay!]

Also, this was the sweatiest ride I've ever done. Thankfully I could take a (cool) shower afterwards. Cold, refreshing water is my favorite thing in the world.

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