Bike Log, day 46

This morning I could not seem to get out of bed. This doesn't show on my time, though:

21:06, 6.5mi
64F, Odo 987mi
avg 18.6mph, max 28.7mph

It turns out that 64F is slightly too cold to ride in shirtless.

[After work edit]
I forgot to reset the timer. Woops! Let's see what we can salvage:
40:30, 13.2mi, avg 19.5, max 33.9

19:24, 6.7mi,
80F, Odo 993mi
avg 19.1mph, max 33.9mph

I don't feel this time accurately represents how long it took me to get here, because the clock was running when I walked my bike away from the garage and when I spun the crank to change the gears before I started the ride. That may have added 10 seconds, maybe more. That doesn't break any records, but I just don't feel it's accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 1000 miles that is very impressive. I am very proud of you. Your very own Memere