NYC, day 2

2pm, Penn. Station, NYC
Morning was hectic. 'breakfast' was a pitiful joke. The commute took roughly an hour: I started from Brooklyn, stopped in grand central station (42nd street), and continued on uptown to 51st. I walked to 54th and turned West to 535 Madison Ave., Dana's work. There was some gentle rain, not enough to get me wet or uncomfortable. Once I arrived, the rain really started. I got inside just in the nick of time! From the J train, as it crossed the river, I saw many mid sized buildings uptown surrounded by a thick haze. Walking was hot and humid, and since I was carrying 40lbs on my back I was worried about turning into a sweatmonkey. Everything was ok though, once I arrived the building was air conditioned and very comfortable. I waited some time before security was able to locate Dana, as there were two Dana's working there. This did not frustrate me at all; I used the opportunity to unwind a little.

I was a little stressed before I left the apartment, but the stress quickly dissolved away and my commute was mostly relaxed. Once upstairs, I was taken aback when the receptionist offered me a drink. The bottle of water was quite refreshing after the subway ride, and helped alleviate the small amount of tension I felt. The view helped, too. I was looking down on the city streets below; out across Madison and up 54th street.

Dana and I went out for sushi then I took a short ride to Penn. station, where I now sit, waiting for my 3:30 train.

Ethnically, the changeover during my morning commute was remarkable and disappointing. The J train was 98% black people. The 5 train was an even mix, 50/50, and the 6 train was 90% white people. The dichotomy was nauseating. We're all the same inside!

My train is arriving...

3:53pm, The Quiet Cabin, Amtrak train 176. New Rochelle, NY
More train info for Mom.
The bathroom had two sturdy coat hangers, which was not surprising. I was surprised, however, by the power outlets there.

4:23pm, Stanford CT.
Zzzz I've been napping to music since my last post, with my laptop on the seat next to me (and one hand on it) This new naptime playlist is very effective.

4:46pm, Bridgeport to New Haven CT
General comments about NYC.
I've never seen such a collection of long slender legs on display in one place ever. Some time after my train arrived on Saturday, no less than a hundred models got off one train and flooded into the bathroom, then on to wherever they were going. It seemed they were all going to the same place (or arriving), and all knew each other (they stuck mostly in clumps of five or six, but sometimes collecting into much larger groups). Most were in heels, some had the worst fashion sense imaginable (but could pull it off because they were so beautiful/confident/curvaceous). I saw one amazing girl in a skin tight "dress" that was bright red and bright blue camo print. It was hideous, contrasted harshly with everything--but you couldn't look away. This is the part of our program where I tell you all about how I prefer understated style, instead of outrageous.
Shortly after this group exited the general waiting area of Penn. Station, around 50 cyclists walked through. Many with cycles, some with only helmets or jerseys. I asked what the commotion was about.... There was a century ride from Montauk. One thousand riders. Damn. I missed it!

This train suddenly got cold--the lady across from me put on a pink shawl. Not that I'm complaining, all I've had to do is roll my sleeves down.
I should also mention that the seats are quite comfortable. They recline from Business Bolt Upright down to Don't Wake Me I'm Sleeping. I cannot use my laptop easily from the sleeping position, though it does not intrude too much on the person behind me (it's an empty seat). There is always extra room in the quiet car =)

6:20pm, New London CT
I've put my suit coat back on but I'm still too cold to sleep. I spoke with the conductor but she just said to move to another cabin. No thanks, and honestly I don't think we would bake this late in the evening with this much cloud cover... but it's your train.
These seats need footrests. My backpack does not serve this purpose well.

I'm starving. the snack car is a joke, price wise. A half-sized water bottle costs $1.50
Scoundrels. I will hold out the hour and a half.

We are currently riding through a dense fog. It looks like it should be cold and damp.

7:25pm, Providence RI
The sun is a yellow freckle in the gray sky. The cloud cover is thick enough that you can only tell where the sun is by the yellow orange smudge. I will be in Boston soon.

It is impossible for me to find a bus that leaves for home sooner than the late bus I'm already planing to take, since I cannot connect to the internet. I've already dialed 411 to find Greyhound's phone number but the only train they have from Boston to Nashua leaves at 11:45pm and arrives at 6:45am; now there's a huge fail, I could bike there faster than that. I could dial 411 again to try to reach PeterPan, or I could just go with the layover I currently have scheduled. =( and I'm still hungry. Fortunately we'll be arriving soon.

8:56pm, Dock 15, Bus terminal. South Station, Boston Mass.
The first thing I bought when I got off the train was a cup of hot chocolate. Then a fruit cup. The fruit cup was an impulse buy since I had to wait for the cocoa. After regaining my wits, I looked at my real dining options. I ordered a grilled chicken TBM melt from Così. That's Tomato Basil Mozzarella. I requested whole grain bread, too. It was completely delicious. Compared to the alternatives of greasy Chinese food, greasy pizza, and McD's, this was heaven. The bread was crispy, the mozz was melty, my taste buds are happy. So is my belly.

My bus has arrived, and the driver is taking a break. Several people got up to stand in line. Some people went through the other door and are standing outside the bus, to the chagrin of the people waiting diligently in line. The bus driver arrived and started letting those other people on board first. Time to go.

11:10pm, My desk in front of the window, My Room, Nashua NH.
I've edited the journal entries and now get to sleep on my own bed instead of a couch.

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