Bike Log, day 41

It was cold out this morning, though my cyclometer says it's 59F, the humidity made it feel colder. Honestly, I was only cold at the beginning of the ride; by the end I felt hot and sweaty. Ah humidity, my old nemesis.

23:46, 6.5mi
59F, Odo 883mi
avg 16.5mph, max 27.1mph

As for pedaling, I've been focusing on using both legs at the same time, pulling and pushing. Not just when I need the extra power, but all the time. It makes for a much smoother ride: instead of push coast, push coast, push coast; one leg after the other, we have one long continuous glide. I liken it to a regular 4 cylinder engine vs a rotary engine: continuous power, all along the rotation. Of course, using two legs at once is also going to give me more power. Hopefully I can increase that power output and still maintain my endurance. In theory, this should increase my average speed, unless I burn out.

[after work]

21:21, 6.6mi
64F, Odo 890mi
avg 18.5mph, max 28.7mph

Looks like I'm finally getting back into the groove. I still have no idea how I managed an average speed of 20mph last month.

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