Bike Log, day 40

Rainy morning, I didn't go to bed on time, so of course the ride in was slow:

25:14, 6.5mi
61F, Odo 870mi
avg 15.5mph, max 25.2mph

Hopefully the rain cuts the heat and will bring the temperature down. Yesterday's ride was the sweatiest ever.

After work I rode straight to the bike shop, where they adjusted the new cleats. Turns out they were way forward. I'll have to make a long (25 miles or more) trip to really tell the difference, however it should make a difference all the time.

24:59, 7.0mi
70F, Odo 877mi
avg 16.9mph, max 25.5mph
*light rain, cold
I wonder when I'll break one thousand miles =)

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